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  1. Not the actual brand name of the cable, but the OP does mention - “I didn't buy the official BMIDI-5-35 cable recommended in the Boss manual, but purchased (new) a similar cable on Ebay for 1/3 the price...” I guess you get what you pay for, because there are lots of DIN to mini TRS on Fleabay that may look like they are suitable for MIDI but they are designed for audio connection.
  2. Hi, Check your Global Settings > Preferences > Page 1 > Knob3 > Tempo Pitch > “Authentic” should give you the pitch warble you want from the Expression Pedal. Hope this helps makes sense.
  3. Not all TRS to MIDI cables are the same. Sometimes the cheapo, cheapo option from Fleabay are not what you might expect - some are for audio. The BOSS connector is wired like this. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  4. Hi, A couple of days back a guy had a similar Error Code issue with a preset he downloaded from CustomTone. The clue is in the bit which says, "DSP block constraint", which means the preset was designed to be use on the Helix units with dual DSPs and double the amount of blocks and paths than those available in the HX Stomp and HX Stomp XL. I just checked "Nashville Bass Pack (Hot Chicken)" on MarketPlace and there are 2 versions of the pack available - on for Helix and one for HX Stomp - guess you must have clicked on the wrong option. Contact the vendor and ask for a swap out as you made the purchase by mistake. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  5. Hi, Well, for something like this where you have a particular setting that you would like to use every time you load that block, then Favorites is the way to go. Obviously, this is only any good for when you create new presets, and want to use that specific effect. For all the presets that use that effect, but are already in your Setlists, then copy and paste the block to replace them is the only way to go AFAIK. In your example you say, "change the speed" so that it happens on every instance of that block in your Helix. Not really a good idea to make a Global change, if you later realise that there are some instances that you really didn't want to change. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  6. Hi, In your first post you said that you are fairly new to HX Stomp - if that means that you have only recently bought the Stomp then it would be covered under warranty. It may be possible to have it replaced. As for DIY repairs, a few users have been known to open up some of the larger Helix units to fix loose cables, or clean footswitches. I wouldn’t advise poking around inside, without a reasonable amount of knowledge of electronics, especially as you would be dealing with a rotary encoder. YMMV. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  7. Oh, dear, oh, dear. Well, I spent a long time trying to decide if I should bother to reply to your recent diatribe. You really do like to play the victim, don’t you? Let’s have another look at some of your comments and have a little clarification. I had a trawl through the myriad posts on this forum regarding people having problems with FL Studio. Beside you, I found 2 more - one of which elicited no response, and one other from a guy who had a software monitoring issue. It seems that I was the only person to offer assistance on that one and the guy thanked me for helping fix it. As for you, well you have had several replies both from @PierM and me explaining that we couldn’t find a similar usage problem with our systems and DAWs. PierM even went to the point of creating a video. Usually, when seeking assistance from other forum users, it is a great help when troubleshooting to know exactly what computer and operating system you are using. Throughout your posts you have stated things that for us just don’t make sense. You have made reference to various computers and different DAWs, and all this makes things difficult to pin down - to the point you actually state: “reproducing the problem is pretty difficult as its very much random.” I’m not going to go through your list of quibbles one by one, because life is too short! Suffice to say that a software “bug” to actually be a “bug” must be repeatable, creating the same result for everyone on whatever platform. What you are giving us is a string of varying issues that nobody here has been able to find and replicate. O.K. then, here we go - “nobody else appears to have these issues, but we believe you are”. Furthermore, you say - “With no official way to talk to the dev team. With a community unwilling to help. What am I meant to do? Just suck it up?” That’s rather odd, because it looks like a couple of us have been doing quite a fair amount of trying to help you out. It case you didn’t realise - we actually have lives away from here. As for no way to contact the team, I essentially gave you the name and address of the main man behind Helix. Then there is a thing called “email”, and you could Google Line 6 management, or check out LinkedIn to find contact details. It’s not a secret, these people are not invisible. You might like to change your attitude before approaching them. Looks like you are on your own kid, because I won't be treated like this. It's simply rude. In my day, whining, whinging whelps were left on windswept, snow capped mountain tops to perish.
  8. Hi, again, I found this video showing “Pedal Edit Mode” on a Helix. Check to see if this is what you were trying to describe in your original post. This one also shows Snapshots and Command Centre on the HX Stomp. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  9. Hi, I am going to guess that you might be referring to “Pedal Edit Mode” - that is not available on the HX Stomp. It can be found on HX Effects and the Helix floor unit, because they have “scribble strips” to display the parameters available for editing. Other than that, if you want to change between various parameters in an effect block in real time, for example a delay feedback and mix amount, then you could use a regular expression pedal. Also check out Snapshots and Command Centre options for controlling lots of parameters from a single footswitch. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  10. Hi, As you can see from the icon in the top left of your CustomTone screen shot, the icon is of a Helix floor unit. The Helix floor has 2 DSP chips and 4 available paths, whereas your Stomp has a single DSP and a max of 2 paths. The Preset was designed to work on a full Helix and it is impossible to load it into your Stomp. When looking for CustomTone Preset, you should select your device in the drop down menu to search for presets that are compatible with the HX Stomp. Hope this helps/makes sense. EDIT: I had a look at the “Mancuso Sounds” preset from CustomTone - it contains 12 blocks and 4 Snapshots. Your HX Stomp can only handle 8 blocks and 3 Snapshots. Not possible, but you could download the demo version of Helix Native DAW Plug-in, which can open it and you can see how it has been constructed.
  11. Hi, Sadly this is a user group and is not moderated in the usual manner that you might expect. If you think any post may be possible Spam, then click on the Ellipsis of 3 grey dots above the time stamp of the suspect post, and select the “Report” option. Hopefully someone will be able to deal with it from there on. It has worked with previous malicious and/or insulting posts. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  12. Yes, that would be my guess too. After many years of previously using reel to reel tape machines, I have been using computers for music making right from the early days of MSX, in the mid 80s, when I had a Yamaha CX5M linked to a Roland JX3P synth via MIDI. Then I moved onto an Atari 1040ST and Steinberg Pro 24 which later became Cubase. These machines loaded the program from a cartridge, floppy disk, or cassette tape with the JX. I realise all this is relative, but if you had ever had to load a bunch of Roland presets from tape before you could start working, then using Helix Native is a breeze. Even now when I access my Arturia V Collection and KeyLab, UVI Synth Anthology, Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra, or NI Kontakt, things slow down, but I should expect that when I consider what is going on to load these monsters into Logic. It’s a trade off, even with 32 GB available to use. Any computer really requires optimising for video, graphics etc., but even more so for audio production - drive speeds and such like. Defrag and optimise for the fastest regular drives, or SSDs. Over the years, at some point, I must have have checked out most DAW systems that are available on the Mac - Logic, Cubase, ProTools,Reason, Reaper, Studio One, Tracktion, Ableton, even GarageBand and so forth, but I have never checked out Fruity Loops. As far as I know, Fruity Loops has only recently been made available for Mac, and I have always regarded it as more of a sample, synth and loop based system aimed more at the EDM production market, rather than guitar based music. Maybe I need to do some more research? It’s just possible that I’m from a world where instant gratification was not built into everything - waiting was part of the game. As things get faster, people maybe expect things to happen instantly - IDK, I’m getting too old for this. :-)
  13. Hi, again, You really do seem to be having a lot of problems with Native, and I’m not entirely sure why. I’m studio based and have owned and used my Helix floor since November 2015 as my audio interface to Logic Pro, when my Focusrite FireWire AI was no longer a usable option with my new Mac. I added Helix Native on its release back in August 2017, and this combo is used almost daily, with essentially - no issues. Anyhow, you may want to read this thread from TGP, which contains some comments from regular contributors to these Helix forums (link below). Interesting comments from “DunedinDragon”, and also “phil_m”, who mentions his computer running 6 or 7 instances of Native in Reaper along with many other plug-ins. Then “Digital Igloo” (Eric Klein | Chief Product Design Architect | Yamaha Guitar Group | Line 6 | Ampeg | Cordoba | Guild ) comments that he has run more than 20 instances of Helix in a project on his 2010 MacPro, along with lots of other DSP intensive plugs like Omnisphere, etc. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  14. Hi, Hmm… I don’t think this is a common occurrence, I don’t recall seeing reports of unresponsive switches. It would appear that you have a defective unit. Contact your dealer and have it exchanged under warranty, then you can really enjoy your new XL. Hope this helps/makes sense
  15. Hi, Check page 53 of the Manual which states: ”By default, the HX Stomp EXP 1/2 | FS4/5 jack is set up to accommodate the Mission Helix expression pedal, connected via an optional Y cable (sometimes called a TRS insert cable). The main advantage of this setup is that pressing the integrated toe switch will not only toggle the pedal’s function between EXP 1 (Wah/Pitch Wham/PolyWham/PolyBass Wham) and EXP 2 (Volume Pedal/Pan), but it will also toggle the appropriate blocks on and off.” See the manual for further details and options. Stomp 3.0 Owner's Manual - Rev D - English .pdf Page 52 regarding Tip/Ring polarity. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  16. Hi, As a new user, you might want to familiarise yourself with various options available on your new toy by downloading and reading through this. Stomp XL Owner's Manual - Rev B - English .pdf Check page 58 for Global Settings > Footswitches Hope this helps/makes sense.
  17. Possible solution re: error codes. Seek and ye shall find. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  18. Hi, Further to your expanded question, I cannot say that l have been made aware of others with your specific issues. Also, bear in mind that this part of the forum is for the technical problems with the Helix hardware devices, Helix Native has it’s own dedicated support forum - once again strictly a user group, but haven’t seen it mentioned there either (it’s a low traffic area in comparison). Find it here. As for contacting anyone who may be able to resolve your current problems using Native, then the places to check are the dedicated Facebook Helix group, and the Digital and Modeling Gear section of The Gear Page. I suppose you could try to take it right to the top, as TGP especially is a place known to be frequented by certain members of the management of Line 6. Although you appear to be quite upset with the issues you are encountering, you state that you have been using Helix Native for 5 years, it might be a little late in the day to raise a complaint, especially as you seem to be the only person to mention it. Hope this helps/makes sense - and good luck.
  19. Hi, Don’t really want to increase your sadness about this issue, especially on your first post, BUT this is a user group - there are no Line 6 staff here, and only very occasionally do they visit these forums - (See the “sticky comment” in the black banner stripe at the top of this page entitled “Welcome to the Line 6 forums”). Hope this helps makes sense.
  20. Hi, Jimmy, I’m rather confused by your comments. It appears you are quoting me from a 2 year old post about importing files into Helix Native. I wasn’t aware that it required any clarification. My post was entirely to clarify something that another user had mentioned. I thought that I made it clear, that at that time, Native couldn’t import backup files created in HX Edit, but it is possible to import regular presets and bundle file. It’s also possible to drag and drop Presets, Setlists, and IR files between HX Edit and Helix Native. Helix Native even has a hardware compatibility function to match each HX family device. In fact to clarify what you stated here: “It appears that HX Edit allows the import of regular presets and bundle files, but not backup files containing favorites, IRs, and other settings from a hardware unit.” I certainly hope that HX Edit imports backup files containing Favourites, IRs and User Defaults, as that is one of the main functions of HX Edit and is the app that creates those files. Before firmware updates on the hardware unit, HX Edit creates a backup file and then allows the user to selectively restore each component of that backup as necessary. I hope this helps/makes sense. I have been using Helix Native since it’s first release and my Helix floor since late 2015.
  21. No problem - this place has a lack of useful Emojis, but there is one Ha Ha, for amusement.
  22. Maybe the way it's worded - because quite obviously you can have different amps, or reverbs, or anything else available, in up to 8 different snapshots - as long as they are already in the preset first. Although my post was mainly to point out that its very easy to create a multi toned preset with a dual amp set up. Mmm... and a down vote. O.K. fine.
  23. Huh? Yes, you can depending on how much DSP you have available, and all the amps, cabs and effects you plan to use are already in the preset. It’s quite normal to have 2 different amps and cabs (single or dual) on parallel paths to switch between clean, crunch and dirty driven tones. Also, could choose to swap between a Hall and Plate reverb using Snapshots to turn them on/off. Then of course you have the option of modifying any parameters you wish (up to 64 total). Therefore, it’s possible to change delay/reverb times and mix levels, distortion-overdrive on or off, along with changing amp drive levels and other tone controls. Plus you could move mic positions on the cab. Using various combinations of these techniques it is quite feasible that you could create 6 varying tones in a single preset using the 8 Snapshots available in Helix. Even easier if you use Path 1 for Clean and Path 2 for Dirty = 1 DSP for each path - yay! Hope this helps/makes sense. EDIT:
  24. Hi, IIRC, the backup/restore options were modified some time back, maybe around HX Edit v3. Anyhow, if you open HX Edit and click on the Help icon in the lower left of the GUI, you can access the Pilot’s Guide. On pages 27 - 29 you can find the “Creating & Restoring Complete Device Backups” options, including Extracting Files from a Backup. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  25. Are you sure what you are experiencing is not a result of the changes made in firmware 3.15 From the release notes: Command Center > HX Snapshot command parameters can now be controlled by Snapshots themselves. For example, imagine that you are on Snapshot 1 and create an HX Snapshot command on FS2. You set it so that pressing that switch recalls Snapshot 3. You then switch to Snapshot 3 and set the same switch to recall Snapshot 6. Recall Snapshot 6 and set the switch to recall Snapshot 2. Finally, you recall Snapshot 2 and set the switch to recall Snapshot 1. Now, you go back to Snapshot 1 and begin pressing the switch. Each successive press recalls the assigned Snapshot and you would cycle Snapshot 1 > 3 > 6 > 2 > 1 > 3 > 6 > 2 and so on for each switch press. NOTE: this assumes that the Snapshot Edits global is set to Recall. If it's set to Discard, you'd have to save the preset after each set in order for the changes to stick Hope this helps/makes sense.
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