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  1. It’s a Kinda Magic! Simply highlight the merge block and drag it down to path 1B then assign the output as required.
  2. Possibly about the same amount of time he takes to respond. :)
  3. EDITED Hi, I think you misunderstand - what is shown in my screenshot is a single path split into path 1A and 1B right at the start, and panned A 100% Left and B 100% Right. Then both paths are identical to the point where they exit the unit on 1/4” Output Left and Right. You can ignore the other path, don’t be distracted by that - It maybe that I have added too many blocks, I forgot that you are limited to 9 blocks, this had 12 - Doh!. It’s very simple - the 7 cable method is the same as 4CM but with a duplicate path B. Use only Mono FX Loop 1 (to Marshall) in one path and Mono FX Loop 2 (to Rectifier) on the other. All the other blocks in my example can be substituted for what ever effects you want to use - just note that drives and distortion are ideally placed before the send, and any time based effects after the return. The only other thing I did in the example was assign foot switches to turn the effects on and off and named them in the scribble strips. Now, hook up your HXFX to your computer, open HX Edit and recreate the FX LOOPS and split exactly as shown in my example screenshot. It should take less than 5 minutes and you should be good to go. Don’t overthink this! Then when you know it communicate with your amps, add whatever FX you like to the blocks you have left. If it doesn’t work after creating this patch, then I have nothing left to offer, it is beyond human assistance. You may need an exorcism to clear the demons out of your device. Hope this helps/makes sense. Oh, damn it, try this - it only contains the split, FX loops and outputs - cannot make it anymore simple. 7-CM HXFX-v2.hlx
  4. Hi, Nope, not that much in it, but because I used HX Edit connected to my Helix, it seems that it includes the second DSP path even though there is nothing on it. I considered doing the preset using Helix Native, but that cannot handle the physical Send/Return options. Oh, hum! Anyhow, it is extremely simple- see attached pic below. The guitar in is split into Path 1A and Path 1B, and these are panned 100% Left and Right. Each patch contains identical blocks - wah, distortion, FX Loop, delay and reverb. each path is sent to the 1/4” jack outputs, again panned Left and Right. If this doesn’t work, I’m not sure what to suggest, other than to check that you can get a signal path, split Left and right to pass through the HXFX and out of the L/R 1/4” jacks, with absolutely nothing in the HX paths. Then add various blocks, one by one, until you figure out where it fails. Hope this helps/makes sense. EDIT: I tried downloading the files you had attached, but they are empty.php files. When they are uploaded correctly, they should show the file name of the preset with the .hlx extension.
  5. Follow on from previous post:- Re no patch available. I don't own a HXFX, but I have owned a Helix floor from way back in 2015 and use it almost daily. I got into the studio about an hour ago and powered it up, and went straight to the Templates section of the the setlists - Well, waddayano, there is both a 4 Cable and 7 Cable template provided by Line 6 that is in the Factory Presets. Don't know if these are included in the HXFX factory stuff but It might be worth checking. Anyhow, I decided that for the sake of 5 minutes in HX Edit, I would knock out a 7CM patch for you to load up and check out. See how far you can get with this. 7-CM HXFX-TEST.hlx Hope this helps/makes sense.
  6. Hi, That’s a rather odd statement to make, as the diagram provided for the way to hook everything up is from the official handbook written by Digital Igloo (Eric Klein - Chief Product Design Architect at Yamaha Guitar Group, Inc. / Line 6 / Ampeg). I believe that he knows how to do this properly, and as the same technique is used by other Helix devices, it is also included in other relevant Owner’s Manuals. There are many others out in the world using the 7CM with no problems whatsoever. Connections remain the same no matter what. As for a 7CM preset not being available on CustomTone, maybe you could attach the preset which you have being trying to use. Do that, and possibly other folks here could look at it for any weirdness in how you have it set up and may have overlooked. Simply saying that the cables are in the correct slot is not enough - there is more going on in the signal path through your HXFX which we are unaware of. It may seem obvious, but in your first post you included a link to a thread discussing how to use HXFX in 7CM, which you say didn’t work for you, then you say using the instructions supplied in the manual also didn’t work for you. Well, it looks to me that the only other option is “user error”. My guess is you need to pan amp A fully right and amp B fully left. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  7. Hi, If you require a picture, then you should check out the HX Effects Owner’s Manual > Page 10 which features a diagram that you can follow for both 4 & 7 Cable Method. Effects 3.0 Owner's Manual - Rev C - English .pdf Hope this helps/makes sense.
  8. Hi, Interesting first post, although whatever is supposed to be in the 2 attachments are .php files and contain nothing. I know this may seem obvious, but you might want to investigate the Helix Owner’s Manual > Page 11 > Quick Start > Setting Proper Output Levels. 3.0 Owner's Manual - Rev F - English .pdf Hope this helps/makes sense.
  9. Hi, You’re in luck - see the post from @PerS above, and download from the DropBox link. Have fun.
  10. Hi, In the post from @tragra the comment was, “I forgot to save them”, which seems odd, as we all know the first thing to do before an update is make a backup. Fail safe! Ah, well, if someone doesn’t follow the instructions, I guess it is to be expected. ;-)
  11. Hi, I don’t really think you’re missing out by not having the presets from v.3.50. The whole point of firmware updates is to make improvements to the whole Helix family. Why be retrograde? As noted earlier in this thread, not much changed between 3.5 and 3.6. Anyhow, if you do require someone to dig out some old factory presets for you, it might be a very good idea to let everyone know what hardware unit you have. Not all presets are the same - you cannot load full Helix presets into a HX Stomp! You could actually retrieve the old presets on your own. If you really feel that you cannot live without old presets, you could downgrade your own firmware back to 3.50 and do a factory reset to bring back the presets you’re after. Then reinstall 3.6 and find that it was all just a waste of time and effort - but, if you’re a completist, that’s the way to go! Is this really worth the hassle? Hope this helps/makes sense.
  12. Hi, If you have tried the uninstall/reinstall solution, provided here, without success, then you really need to contact Customer Support. Click on the “SUPPORT” option in the menu at the top of this page. They will be able to assist, if there is a technical problem with your authorisation. Hope this helps/makes sense. EDIT: Did you follow these instructions about Helix Native installation and authorisation? You should NOT need to use Line 6 License Manager to authorise Native.
  13. Hi, Have you tried using stackable snapshots? Hope this helps/makes sense.
  14. Hi, Firstly: There are no Line 6 staff here and only very occasionally do they visit these forums - (See the “sticky comment” in the black banner stripe at the top of this page entitled “Welcome to the Line 6 forums”). This link is where you need to go to have any hope of it been seen by anyone from Line 6: Before posting any new ideas, please do a search to see if it's already been listed. Multiple requests for the same thing will thin out the votes. Also, post your ideas one at a time. Many users don’t vote for combined suggestions. Then you should use the “sticky thread” in the main Helix forum to let other users know what your suggestions are, with links to IdeaScale, so they can vote on it if they wish. Secondly: If you think you have found a genuine "bug' in the firmware, the best thing to do is raise a ticket with Customer Support. They cannot fix things they do not know about, so if everyone who thinks this needs to be fixed actually raised a ticket you are more likely to get a result. There's nobody here who can solve this issue. You have more chance of being able to contact a member of Line 6 management over on TGP in the Digital & Modeling Gear section. That's where they are known to hang out. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  15. Hi, First up, when asking for assistance it is advisable to give as much information as possible, eg: Firmware version that you have installed, type of guitar and p/ups used, and whatever you have it hooked up to, monitors, amp, external audio interface, etc. Right - when you bought the HX Stomp, did the previous owner wipe all his presets? Have you performed a "Factory Reset" on the unit to put it back to box fresh condition? Have you tried a fresh install of the latest v3.6 Firmware? If you haven't done the reset/install, give them a try and if there is no improvement, then report back. RESET - HX Stomp: Turn unit off and then turn back on. Hold Footswitches 2 and 3 as the unit boots up. Hope this helps/makes sense EDIT: You really should not need to to mess around with the Global EQ - it's not really a fix for your situation. It also might be advisable to have a read through this. Stomp 3.0 Owner's Manual - Rev D - English .pdf
  16. Hi, Why are you doing this? Your FuzzFace should be hooked up to FX Loop1 (mono), 1/4'' cable from Helix Send 1 to FF input, then another guitar cable from the FF output to Helix Return 1, ensure that your Global settings Ins/outs are on Instrument level, and the S/R FX block is set to Mix 100% Also bear in mind that distortion FX are best place right at the front of the signal chain, which is why it works when you use the Guitar In socket. Helix then automatically adjusts the Input Impedance to match the what it sees on the input. Input Impedance can also be set to react to the first FX block in the Helix signal chain. IIRC, the Line 6 model of the FF (Arbitrator Fuzz) has always been a temperamental thing as it reacts differently if it is placed somewhere it gets an impedance mis-match. Personally I avoid the thing. Hope this helps/makes sense
  17. Hi, You may want to familiarise yourself with all the functions of your Helix by reading the Manual. 3.0 Owner's Manual - Rev F - English .pdf Page 52 > Customizing a Footswitch Label To customize the footswitch’s LED color, turn Knob 5 (Switch LED) to select the desired color (or turn it off). Normally, you should leave this set to “Auto Color. Also, Page 67 > Global Settings > Displays Knob 1 - LED Ring Brightness - Determines whether the Stomp mode footswitches’ colored LED rings appear dim when bypassed or off when bypassed. When playing in bright sunlight, you may want to set this to “Off/Bright” to increase contrast. There are more customisation options with Snapshot, and or Command Centre. Hope this helps makes sense.
  18. ^^^This^^^ A very odd situation to be in, I think.
  19. Hi, O.K., we don't have the facility to identically recreate you Fractal preset, but with a little playing around you may find an acceptable substitute method along the lines of this example (below). Your original has 2 delay lines travelling on separate routes only to convene again after the reverb, where they seem to mix together before hitting the pitch block. In my screenshot you can see that I have the first delay running into the second, but I would imagine that with a little experimentation you could achieve a reasonable balance of the delays to approximate what you have in the Fractal patch. Obviously we have no idea as to what each of your Fractal effects blocks represent in terms of Comp, Drive, Amp, Cab etc., but you should be able to find some appropriate models within your Helix LT, and, of course, Snapshots can greatly extend your configuration options. No Send/Return breakouts needed. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  20. Hi, As your original post was over 3 months back, and hasn’t had confirmation from anyone else, I would suggest that you raise a ticket with Customer Support. This particular thread is usually used to inform other users of an actual “bug” that has been reported, and checked out by Tech Support. Note: Re issue loading Marketplace presets into HX Stomp. There was a similar report recently in the main forum, from a guy who could not load a particular pack. See link below Ensure you have the presets designed specifically for the HX Stomp, because they definitely will not load if they are for the other Helix units. Hope this helps/makes sense. link:
  21. Hi, You might find it useful to become familiar with how your new Helix LT handles the 4 stereo paths available in it. Check out the Helix LT 3.0 Owner’s Manual - pages 20-22, which discusses the various options. With a little planning you should be able to figure out what you are wanting to achieve. LT 3.0 Owner's Manual - Rev E - English .pdf Experiment, it’s quite simple. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  22. Just when everyone thought this subject was dead and buried, you have resurrected 3 separate, many years old threads. Not sure if I can smell zombie, or troll?
  23. Hi, There have been several posts regarding HX Edit, and firmware v3.6, with Mac computers running Ventura OS. Although, you already know this because you also posted this issue there. You state that you have a Mac, but didn’t mention which system you have on it. If it is Ventura, then you might need to download the software and perform an offline installation of the new firmware. Line 6 official instructions here: Here are the unofficial instructions for v3.5. Be aware that the instructions were compiled for v.3.5 firmware, therefore just use the latest versions of the firmware and Line 6 Updater. Follow the procedure, but whenever there is any reference to 3.5, I remember to use 3.6, and you should be fine. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  24. Yup, that’s very true, but the OP that you quoted started this thread in November 2020. ;-)
  25. Hi, You say Ventura’s behaviour is different. O.K. But you are not the only person using that OS who wants to update their firmware and HX Edit. There must be stacks of others using Ventura without issue. As for “security systems” there is always a way to bypass them. Try this:- Also, see this. Hope this helps/makes sense.
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