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  1. I’ve had the Pod HD 500x for years and I love it. All I’ve added to it are and extra expression pedal and a Mooer Elec Lady, which is the best Electric Mistress clone I’ve ever heard. Having said that, if I could afford a Helix, I’d be all over it. In the Pod, we have 8 slots. In the Helix, you have 32 if I’m not mistaken. In other words, you can set up pretty much any type of signal chain you can dream up.
  2. As stated previously, a lot of people, if not most, will run their acoustic straight to the PA, however, there is an acoustic amp in 1 of the expansion tone packs (I can’t remember which one off hand). An acoustic amp is really just a pre-amp that helps to boost your natural signal, which you can tweak if you have an acoustic/electric. I use it and I love it. I set up a small signal chain and use the same one for all of my acoustics; 6-string steel, 12-string steel, 6-string nylon and ukulele. guitar : noise gate : tube comp (just a wee bit of compression to give it something extra) : graphic EQ : acoustic amp. Incidentally, the acoustic patches that come with the pod are fun to play with for effects. I’ll plug a tele in and run it through “steel strings” for example and you get a neat sound. I’ve recorded using the “guilded choir” patch with an acoustic and a strat, using an E-bow. It created an awesome double tracked lead sound that I’m using on the album I’m recording.
  3. The short answer is that there’s no way around that issue. That’s just the nature of what we do. Different guitars (and pickups within the same guitar if you customize) all have different outputs. And that same rule applies to everything within your signal chain, as well as, any and all environmental interference. That’s why bands have a huge mixing desk in the perfect acoustical spot and perform a sound check for every gig, even if they’re playing the same venue several nights in a row. The environmental conditions are never the same. We all deal with those issues in our home studios and at our gigs, just on a smaller level. If you have good base levels in your signal chains the amount of tweaking you have to do should be minimal. And of course how you tweak and what you tweak will be different depending on whether you’re setting up to record and how you record, or if you’re going to play live.
  4. I’m a guitarist by nature that knows how to play bass but I wouldn’t call myself a bassist. I own only 1 bass guitar, an Epiphone Viola, which I chose originally simply for the fun of playing it and because I’m a big Beatles and Paul McCartney fan. However, now I’m writing and recording and am getting more serious with what I want my bass tone to be on my recordings. To this point, I’ve only used the standard patches that came with the unit, most of which I don’t particularly care for. Can anyone help me with creating custom bass patches? I want a sound that’s very much classic rock in nature. Something like what you’d hear by Pink Floyd or Eric Clapton. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey there, I have the 500x and am using the FX Loop for the 1st time with an Electric Misstress clone, the Mooer ElecLady. Can someone please recommend the best loop block settings in the editor for send, return and mix. Also if I understand correctly to gate the pedal I can’t do it digitally, I have to do so with an actual analog box. Is that correct? Thanks for the help!
  6. I have set up several tones using the Bender (Digitec Whammy) but the tone comes out extremely squeaky in a piercing sort of way instead of just bending the note. Has anyone come across this and/or can anyone please help me figure out what's wrong? I've used this effect in analog and another digital application and it's definitely not supposed to sound like it does here. Thanks!
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