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  1. jeffsoble

    POD HD 500x Bass Patches

    Thanks guys!
  2. jeffsoble

    POD HD 500x Bass Patches

    I’m a guitarist by nature that knows how to play bass but I wouldn’t call myself a bassist. I own only 1 bass guitar, an Epiphone Viola, which I chose originally simply for the fun of playing it and because I’m a big Beatles and Paul McCartney fan. However, now I’m writing and recording and am getting more serious with what I want my bass tone to be on my recordings. To this point, I’ve only used the standard patches that came with the unit, most of which I don’t particularly care for. Can anyone help me with creating custom bass patches? I want a sound that’s very much classic rock in nature. Something like what you’d hear by Pink Floyd or Eric Clapton. Thanks in advance!
  3. jeffsoble

    FX Loop Settings Question

    Thanks for the advice!
  4. jeffsoble

    FX Loop Settings Question

    Hey there, I have the 500x and am using the FX Loop for the 1st time with an Electric Misstress clone, the Mooer ElecLady. Can someone please recommend the best loop block settings in the editor for send, return and mix. Also if I understand correctly to gate the pedal I can’t do it digitally, I have to do so with an actual analog box. Is that correct? Thanks for the help!
  5. jeffsoble

    Need Bender Pedal Help Pleas

    I have set up several tones using the Bender (Digitec Whammy) but the tone comes out extremely squeaky in a piercing sort of way instead of just bending the note. Has anyone come across this and/or can anyone please help me figure out what's wrong? I've used this effect in analog and another digital application and it's definitely not supposed to sound like it does here. Thanks!