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  1. Thank you for your suggestions.
  2. That worked for me. Thank you for this. I think it's with the certificate that has expired.
  3. That worked for me. Thank you. I think it's an issue with the certificate.
  4. That is also worth a try. But I am trying to do the wet/dry/wet kind of setup.
  5. Thanks. This is good info. I am trying to setup a wet/dry/wet signal. Axe Fx as the dry signal (no effects, using the same amp in the stomp). Stomp as wet signal will have the delays and reverb and will be panned L and R. Both modelers will go to a mixer.
  6. I got an error when logging in to my account via HX Edit. The app is saying "Cannot reach servers. Please make sure this computer is connected to the internet." Tried it with Windows 10. Downloaded the HX Edit 2.92. I was able to login but it does not proceed to backup the device after clicking OK on the dialog box. Nothing happens. What is going on?
  7. Hello. I just want to throw this question out there. Can I use a Y splitter to route my direct guitar signal into two modelers? Aside from HX Stomp, I also have the old Axe Fx Ultra. I' thinking of splitting the signal before it hits the input of these modelers. I've read there are some hum and phase cancellation going on if you do that, but those are for real amps. Thank for your help.
  8. I guess I am not the only one having this issue.
  9. Got the same problem. Anything you did that made it work? I am assuming this is something to do with server update but if you did something, please let me know. Thanks
  10. Anyone got this error when trying to update to the latest firmware? I am connected to the internet and is able to login to my account via chrome. HX Edit is on 2.92 version.
  11. Hello All. I would like to ask for advise on the impedance, input and output setting of both my helix's. Please note there are 2 overdrives in front. My signal path: **Guitar > Mosky Loop Box (Blues Breaker Clone > Walrus Mayflower) > HX Effects In (+Tone Sovereign) > HX Effects Send 2 > HX Stomp In (+Amp 1 and Amp 2) > HX Stomp Send > HX Effects Return (+ Delays and Reverbs) > HX Effects Out 1 & 2 > HX Stomp Return L & R (+ Reverb) > HX Stomp out L & R to FOH. **HX Effects Send 1 goes to the input of the Axe Fx Ultra which is setup with the same amp as the Stomp > FOH (Left only). I'm trying to achieve wet/dry/wet setup. :) Advises on how to hook it up are welcome as well. Thanks in advance.
  12. I got the tempo figured out. It turned out the tempo was not at #64 so I had to change the cc message on the hd500. I was on #14 previously as I was using the hd500 to control the axe fx.
  13. Additional query.. So, I had the hd500 controlling the stomp except for two things: 1. Tempo - not communicating. Is there a setting I need to be changing in the stomp? Stomp is not doing anything when I step on the HD500's tempo. 2. Preset Reset **A little bit of background how I set it up.. - HD500 controls the change of presets in the stomp (i.e., FS1 = 01A, FS2 = 01B, FS3 = 01C, FS4 = 02A) > On preset 01A, I've added an OD and Delay, but are off by default (only used when needed...effect on/off is controlled via HX Stomp FS1 and FS3) > In order for me not to tap dance, especially when both are ON, I wanted to just step on HD500's FS1 to reset the settings back to OD/Delay off > However, it's not doing it. I have to turn them off one by one. Stepping FS1 twice does not reset the settings back. Thanks in advance. @rd2rk - is that what you are referring to on your #2 statement?
  14. Thanks. Hope I won't stress myself. haha
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