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  1. I got the tempo figured out. It turned out the tempo was not at #64 so I had to change the cc message on the hd500. I was on #14 previously as I was using the hd500 to control the axe fx.
  2. Additional query.. So, I had the hd500 controlling the stomp except for two things: 1. Tempo - not communicating. Is there a setting I need to be changing in the stomp? Stomp is not doing anything when I step on the HD500's tempo. 2. Preset Reset **A little bit of background how I set it up.. - HD500 controls the change of presets in the stomp (i.e., FS1 = 01A, FS2 = 01B, FS3 = 01C, FS4 = 02A) > On preset 01A, I've added an OD and Delay, but are off by default (only used when needed...effect on/off is controlled via HX Stomp FS1 and FS3) > In order for me not to tap dance, especially when both are ON, I wanted to just step on HD500's FS1 to reset the settings back to OD/Delay off > However, it's not doing it. I have to turn them off one by one. Stepping FS1 twice does not reset the settings back. Thanks in advance. @rd2rk - is that what you are referring to on your #2 statement?
  3. Thanks. Hope I won't stress myself. haha
  4. I was just wondering if this is possible though. I'm not well versed in MIDI nor the Snapshots in the Helix. Can I use my old HD500 to control the HX Stomp via MIDI? The reason why I ask is due to Jason Sadites' Youtube channel. He was using morningstar MC6 to control snapshots while leaving the Stomp's 3-button FS to control effects on/off. I was thinking that I may be able to do that with the HD500. If yes is the answer, aside from snapshots, will I be able to do the following too? Control effects on/off from the HD500 (as additional FS) Move to different presets and be able to turn on/off effects from presets (I think this is what they are referring to as snapshots). Your advice is really appreciated. DO
  5. Well, it worked for me. The VOODOO LABS CONTROL SWITCHER converts the signal from midi to 5-pin... I used the normal midi cable for both.. (POD midi out to control switcher midi in and control switcher multi out to Laney footswitch).. If I stomp FS1, Laney changes to clean channel FS2, Laney changes to rhythm channel FS3, Laney changes the channel to Lead channel.. You need to press button combinations the control switcher for every patch since it doesn't automatically read the midi signal in the POD. It's in the manual... Sadly I don't have the Laney so I can't make a video..
  6. Hi Dmsilva and xpack, I resolved the issue using the voodoo labs control switcher. It converts the 5 pin to be used as midi. You can download the manual in their website for you to understand it better. Pretty simple, you hook up the pod midi out to the midi in of the control switcher Then from the control switcher's multi, you connect a cable to your IRT's FS slot. I suggest you read the manual as this is a bit blurry. I don't have the IRT anymore.. Here goes.... You can then setup a midi channel in the POD and check which of those communicates to the control switcher. I remember, I used CC then tried to press some fs in the POD until the control switcher responded - then I knew that they are already communicating. I know, it's kind of unorthodox, but it worked anyway. haha The control switcher only acts as a signal converter. The only challenge is you need to manually do button combinations on the control switcher to save the midi signal from the POD. And you also have to ensure that you set the IRT to the proper channel before you save the preset in the control switcher. You can check some youtube vids on how to do it. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=control+switcher+midi+amp+commander I hope this helps. I'm sorry if I forgot some specifics.
  7. Thanks, bjnette. I think this poweramp's EQ can pretty much lower if not eliminate the "fizz" on some of HD's high gain models.
  8. Hi Everyone, Creating this topic to check if someone has tried the SD's powerstage (power amp > cab) on a live situation. The reason why I ask is for me to decide whether to go for an axe fx or keep using the pod. I mainly use the pod for live use and I guess, won't be using it for any recording stuff. Most forum suggests the axe-fx but I'm having second thoughts as I may just be wasting money as most of the people in the forum are using it for recording. I'm doing live shows and I mostly use Mesa or Fender as my amps for dirt and cleans (sometimes tweed or ac30). Hope someone can chime in their experiences. I'm not here to bash anything, just wanted to get an honest opinion on the pro's and con's as far as my usage is concerned. Thanks in advance.
  9. d_sic3


    Thank you. Using the POD directly to the ART has more volume. Used left and right 1"4 out going stereo on the Art. I also used the Laney's headphones out and it has more volume than the DI. You are right, the DI has low output or it could be having issue. Thank you all for your help. Appreciate it.
  10. Hahaha.. Just being careful. Lol. So, what really is the difference between amp and line switch? What is it's relation to the stomp/line switch?
  11. d_sic3


    I've thought about that as well. POD's left out > Laney input > Laney DI out > Art SLA channel 1 > speaker 1 POD's right out> Art SLA channel 2 > speaker 2 (Using a different prea-amp model in channel B) *So channel one of the POD will have the fx loop and channel two will have the modeled amp. But I've yet to solve the volume issue. I believe the Art may not have been giving out what it supposed to. The clipping LED didn't even lit up. :)
  12. d_sic3


    Impedance is a concern indeed. The other guitarist from the band is using a 60-watt solid state combo and it seems that his volume is way louder than mine. If I am using 560 watts, I should have like twice as much volume than him, right? But seems like it's not the case, I am already at my max vol in my art sla 2. With regards to the impedance mismatch, will it still blow the speakers even if it did not reach the full volume? The manual doesn't say anything and there is no switch where you can set the impedance. But at the back of the amp has the following: 8 Ohms Minimum Bridge Mode 4 Ohms/Ch Minimum Stereo Mode
  13. Hi, Sorry for hacking the thread. But what if you set the switch to line. Then switch the 1/4" out to AMP?
  14. d_sic3


    Thanks, cruisinon2. You are correct, Laney is tube and the Art is a Solid State. The amp goes as low as 4 ohms, and I think it automatically set depending on the cab's load. There is no switch that you can set though. I guess I'll have to get a bigger one then. Will it be a concern to my speakers if I get something bigger? I have the weber tonecvlt 100 watts @16 ohms. Here's what the manual says: Input Impedance 44k ohms (balanced), 22k ohms (unbalanced) Input Sensitivity 1V for Full Power Output into 8 ohms Stereo Output Power, 8 ohms 200Watts RMS per Channel, Stereo Output Power, 4 ohms 280Watts RMS per Channel Bridged Output Power, 8 ohms 560Watts RMS mono Stable into: 2 Ohms (stereo) 4 Ohms (mono) SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Warning: For optimum performance and reliability, do not operate the amplifier with a speaker load of less than 4 Ohms per channel, or any combination of speakers that together are less than 4 Ohms. Using one speaker per channel, it must be rated at 4 or more Ohms. Using two speakers per channel, they must each be rated at 8 Ohms, or greater. When in bridge mode, the speaker should be rated at 8 Ohms, or greater.
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