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  1. datacommando's post in Paid for Full Native but runs as Trial - Any Clues? (RESOLVED) was marked as the answer   
    Waited until beyond the 15 days trial period and deauthorised the computer then did a complete uninstall of the Helix Native plug-in.
    Launched Logic to verify that Native was gone and no longer available to use.
    Do a clean install of Native and re-authorise the computer and login to my account which tells me I have a valid license that does not expire.
    Done - no more pesky demo bits lurking in there and it looks like it is not trying to "phone home" each time you use it!
  2. datacommando's post in Patches of silence? was marked as the answer   
    Hi Soultrainer,
    Well I just had a look at those 2 patches and the problem is exactly what "silverhead" noted above.
    When you check the input you will see that they are both set for Variax. Swap the setting to either Guitar or Multi and everything should be fine.
    Note: when these patches were done originally by forum user "CBTL" (AKA - Matt Helix & AC30) the Variax setting allowed him to pre-select an Acoustic model for the Zep patch and a Spank-1 for the Jeff Beck tone.
    EDIT: I found these instructional videos online - watch and learn.

    Jeff Beck

  3. datacommando's post in How to record into Garage Band? was marked as the answer   
    I have an IK Multimedia iRig2 which can hook up my JTV59 to GarageBand on the iPad or even record on the iPhone with AmpliTube. If you have an older Variax without mag pups I think the iRig should work just fine by using the 1/4 inch jack out. I guess you are not using the VDI cable as you state you didn't want to buy a mixer or a POD.
    Note: If you have a Variax you really should save up and get a POD to make the best of it. Sell everything you don't need and buy a Helix!
    Link for details:
  4. datacommando's post in Bizarre audio MIDI fault - it's driving me nuts! was marked as the answer   
    O.K. Helix MIDI users.
    Heads up for the Final Status Report on my Helix MIDI Issues
    This “mystery†was taken onboard and has been investigated by Digital Igloo (Eric) who, along with Marcus, did some extensive testing with dozens of various synths to figure out if that active sense messaging issue was only happening with Roland (and some M-Audio) keyboards. The general consensus is that it seems to be the case – something odd with the Roland and Helix MIDI combination (unless anyone else knows a different answer).
    Anyhow, just to bring everyone up to speed, the current situation for me is thus:
    As I had previously noted, time and again - I had no issues if I used the work around of connecting a mucho cheapo Chinese MIDI DIN plug to USB to hook up my old PC-180A to the Mac. Also, I have a whole studio rack full of vintage MIDI sound modules with DIN sockets that would always play nice with that particular controller, e.g.: Roland D110, U110, Yamaha TX81Z, SPX90, Kawai K3m, K1m, Akai XE8 drum expander and the ubiquitous Akai S950 Sampler. That's a lot of MIDI connections, not including the Roland GR33 Git Synth, Boss GT6, the PODXT Live and HD500, but they are all gathering dust over in a corner, so that's O.K. The thing is – I only had access to that one controller keyboard which I've used for years, so I had nothing else to use in a comparison test with the Helix. Trouble is, most new controller keyboards no longer have old school DIN sockets and use a single cable to supply power and USB communication. Damn! Screwed again!
    Except, I did happen to find a pretty good one - the Arturia Keylab 61 Hybrid Synth. Now this mutha is the mutts nuts and it has DIN MIDI in/out along with the more modern USB. Plus it's made of aluminium and wood, semi weighted keys with velocity and after touch. Way cool.
    Plug it into the Helix MIDI ports and away we go – perfect response instantly. Excellent! Note: Hooking up via the Helix for the MIDI connection frees up a USB port on the computer, which is always useful to have. Right – my life is worth living again, especially as the last Firmware update seemed to fix the equally mysterious fault I had with re-amping the Helix. It all works again. Yay!
    Now, because I don’t have another Roland keyboard to test the Helix with, I guess we will never know if it was spurious Active Sensing messages being transmitted to Helix that caused stuff to screw up. If anyone else has an problem like this, and they use a Roland (or M-Audio) keyboard, maybe they will have an idea of where to start on a fix it.
    As for the old PC-180A, I no longer care if Brian Eno still uses his! I think I will just drag it down the yard, stick a couple of rounds of 12 gauge through it, then give it a Viking funeral. 
    I know this is not exactly a proper solution, but for my part – I think we can put this puppy to bed now.
    Thanks to the Helix Staff and Forum Users for all your assistance and patience in this matter.
    Happy trails
    Now, I’m off to get a studio tan!
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