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  1. Hello, I just got a Wiretap recorder pedal for use with Helix as I needed a way to just stomp and have a separate device record my ideas, without setting up computers, apps, loopers, etc. It's working great. I just include a SEND block wherever I want in the chain and I can get a wet or dry signal into it. The pedal also has a return and "true bypass" of course as it is meant to be inline with other effects on a pedalboard. And that's where the issue is: When I SEND with 1 block and RETURN with another, I get a high pitch buzz sound that indicates maybe I have a signal routing issue. Both send and return work fine separately, but when I put both blocks in the same preset and enable them both, the problem arises. This is probably a newbie mistake... Do I have to have the SEND before the RETURN or visa versa? And should I be using the FXLOOP block instead of the separate SEND and RETURN blocks? Also, because I can record dry and then play back that dry signal at the front of the sound chain, there is a really cool "tone tweaking" mode I can go into. Instead of having to pick up the guitar and play notes to hear what I've changed in a preset, I can just run the loop endlessly, and it's like I'm playing constantly while I'm tweaking. Super helpful and is saving my back the constant shuffling back and forth. Just a tip. Anyone else done this? Any tips related? Thanks, Joel
  2. Hey all, just wanted to post the response from Line 6 on this issue: Thanks for your patience. After speaking with some of my colleagues, the preset you've provided is functioning as expected. Its just summing everything to mono since it's coming after your stereo effects. This is normal behavior when you have a mono block after stereo effects. I'm sorry to inform you but this isn't a bug. You can tell the difference if you insert a stereo FX Send in your signal chain instead. This is great news, and is just something to be aware of. The confusing thing about this is that it is not at all clear that many of the reverbs are stereo, as they, for some reason, do not always have the stereo icon after them in the display window on the Helix. So be aware of that as well. Thanks to all for the posts here. Joel
  3. Thanks to everyone for the thoughts and for taking the time to try out the A/B on my preset. I will open a support ticket tomorrow to report this issue, and I promise to close the loop on this forum thread when I have a response from them. I'm continually surprised at how important basic amp settings (treble, gain, etc.) are to overall tone, and even though I constantly get this advice, I find myself monkeying around with effects and advanced settings rather than the basics. That was a good tip above, and I think I really improved my headphones vs monitor preset differences. Presence was a helpful additional knob as it is subtly different than treble. Also will try the notch/parametric EQ approach, watch that Sadites video, and explore mono reverbs rather than stereo (as workaround for send block problem). Ah, the life-long search for the perfect tone... Happy holidays and thanks again. Joel
  4. Fully agree about the drastic impact a room has on sound and tone. And thank you for these posts, as there are some tips in there that I will try with my monitors. BUT, I still think that a carefully controlled A/B comparison - with headphones - where you add and remove a send block, should not alter the tone in the way I've described. Totally agree that every pair of headphones will sound different, but here I'm keeping that, and all other variables, constant. I think there is something here to be discovered and fixed, which is why I keep trying to figure it out! Maybe a noise problem, power problem, level/impedance problem, etc. Or maybe it is to be expected that adding a send block should change the sound, per some of the comments above about D/A's etc. That would be disappointing though, and would certainly erode my confidence in the Helix.
  5. Hello Mr. Rd2rk, I added a preset as you requested to the post a couple days ago.  Thanks for your offer to check it out with and without the send block (especially with headphones, as I have a hunch that's related).



  6. I hear you about not expecting headphones and speakers to sound the same. I don't, and they don't. I will try the presence setting - have not experimented there before. My use case is a bit unusual - I'm not gigging with the Helix, just using as my personal all-in-one pedalboard and as the anchor for my practice area, so phones are pretty important. I still need to figure out this sound degradation issue, and wanted to return to the issue of the send block adding noise/sound degradation, and the possibility that this is made worse by my non-studio headphones. Also, 63ohms isn't THAT low, so I guess to test the previously mentioned noise issue, I would need true studio phones with 250 ohm, etc. Do people think this is related? Can someone try using headphones (ideally low impedance non-studio phones) and picking some notes, then removing the send block entirely from the preset, and picking some more notes. An independent A/B would be really helpful. What else could be causing the send block and delay blocks to alter the sound in such a bad way? Thanks, Joel
  7. Hey guys, thanks so much for the replies so far. Super helpful. Attached is the preset I'm using. Pretty run of the mill except for a lot of reverb as it seems to help me get a nice ambiance/soundstage in my headphones which I'm normally using. It's trickier to do careful A/B comparisons using my HS7's as my room is a lollipop show with echo and other problems (not to mention I can barely even pick a path to my guitar area through all the kid toys and debris). Headphones are Sony MDR7506, very standard, with 1/8" jack and 63ohm impedance. I have to use a 1/4" adapter, and because of the high impedance, the volume knob on the phones output is very low (like 8:30 o'clock). I wonder if all of that sets up a situation that is susceptible to noise and audio degradation. If you guys think that's possible, then I will order/borrow some 1/4" low impedance "studio" phones and try those. I did some more A/B comparisons, and I can maybe better describe the change in sound. Before adding the "Send3" block, I hear a warmer, silkier, more natural sounding tone that has a lot of reverb and a nice soundstage (at least to my ears). When I add the Send3, I hear a slight digital harshness, a reduction in reverb, and a collapse in the soundstage. The tone sounds digital, less natural, and the ambiance sort of disappears. That ping pong delay is the only one I've found that lessens the sound degradation compared with other delays, although it still causes the problems above. Maybe the reason I find it most tolerable is that it at least doesn't collapse the soundstage (by design). But it does sound less natural and more digital for sure. And the other delays are unusable. Please keep the ideas coming - I really want to figure this out and will try any and all troubleshooting steps!! Also Helix is 2.92, Floor model, sorry I mis-spoke before. Clean Record.hlx
  8. I love the Helix, but I have had trouble getting a warm, rich, clean sound, and a recent discovery maybe hints at a problem. I have tinkered endlessly, reading forums for advice, trying user presets, etc. I have experimented with hi/low cuts and those are definitely important. I'm using a ribbon mic and adding quite a lot of reverb, and I have compression setup per Jason Sadites and other advice. I have long noticed that adding certain blocks including delays causes the sound to get unexpectedly tinny, shrill, harsh, digital. It seems to change the background/ambiance of the tone. It is subtle, but I eventually started avoiding delays, sadly. Recently I noticed something else which was really surprising. I bought a recorder pedal (TC Wiretap) which simply takes in a signal and records when you stomp. I added a "send" block to my clean preset and bingo, the sound degradation issue that I get with delays appeared. It really seems to affect the reverb and ambiance of the sound, and adds a digital harshness. With a single coil strat, I'm really relying on the reverb to warm/thicken up the sound, so the overall effect is not good. I tried bypassing the send block, which had no effect. I tried physically removing the patch cable sending the signal to the recorder pedal, and even that had no effect. I then deleted the block from my preset entirely, and that did it - the sound went back to normal. It's subtle, but who wants to add "just a little" tinny digital harsh edge to their guitar tone?! I had thought that delays just do something to the tone that I don't like. But a send block?! That should have no effect on the sound whatsoever, especially if the cable isn't plugged in! (eliminating grounding issues, etc.) And much more importantly, I'm now wondering if all the advice I've received from this forum over the past year for how to thicken up my tone (delays, reverb, pitch shifters, etc.) has been counteracted by this issue, because when I try these blocks, it often layers in this sound quality problem. Other setup details: Firmware 2.8, but this issue has stayed constant through several firmware updates over the past year. American Elite Strat with neck pickup for warmth, Yamaha HS7 studio monitors or headphones for playback. The sound quality issues are most noticeable with headphones. (could this be only a headphone-related problem somehow?) Thanks in advance for advice. I've tried to figure this out on my own and just can't. Also, any other tips related to adding thickness/warmth to a single coil strat are much appreciated. Joel
  9. Hey all, just want to chime in and say thanks for the feedback on the speakers and overall setup. I obviously need to make some pretty significant changes, and to be honest, it will help to have these "independent 3rd party" reviews when I go to claim additional space in our family living room :) But honey, DunedinDragon and SashaFranck said... More seriously, this all makes sense and I have a bunch of work to do trying out the suggestions and patches. It will be a busy weekend. Please keep the advice coming if there's anything else... Joel
  10. Thanks to both of you for the great recommendations. All of those tips make sense and I will try all of them. Noted on the Global EQ. I think those near-field HS7 monitors are a big part of the problem. I was actually surprised by how good the recorded tone sounded when played on other speakers in a different setup. I also like the sound much better through headphones than the monitors. Those are dead giveaways, and I should have figured this out before. So it seems there are a couple of issues: - First, are near-field studio monitors the right choice for a hobbyist like myself looking to play for myself and my family in a sub-optimal living room setup? Or would something less "exact" make more sense? Would I like a Powercab a lot better, for example? - Also, placement could be a huge problem, as you pointed out. As you can see from the pic, the speakers are almost BEHIND my sitting position, so while they may project nicely into the room, it's probably a terrible setup for ME, which is a problem. Obviously those speakers are also crammed in a suboptimal space, one right next to another speaker (this is our living room main speaker system). I will do some research on speaker placement in general, but any tips based on the setup in the pic. Ways to improve it in the approximate space there? (I can move couch a bit). Also, should I consider a powercab instead of studio monitors? Thanks again for the great advice. Joel
  11. Hello, I'm having trouble getting the sound I was hoping for on the Helix, and I need some help. I'm sure it's my lack of experience with gear and effects that's the problem, not the Helix. I watched all the Jason Sadites videos and regularly read through this forum, and I do seem to be SLOWLY getting closer, but I also wonder if there is not something more fundamental wrong with my setup or settings - like guitar, monitor speakers, amp choice, etc. Here's how I'd describe the sound I'm going for: Warm, smooth, thick, rich clean tone, with some reverb/spaciousness, and a little overdrive to give it a soaring quality. I tend to prefer smoothness and warmth to pinpoint clarity and accuracy, and I definitely don't like twangy sounds. - My guitar. I have an American Elite Strat. It's great, but the single coils are probably at odds with my tonal goals. I use the neck pickup exclusively, but want it to be even more "neck-pickup-like" if that makes sense. The bridge pickups sound unusably harsh and twangy to my ears through the Helix. - I have monitor speakers connected to the Helix as my "amp". Yamaha HS7's - they are nice monitors, but possibly not as guitar "amp" and this may be part of the problem. - Over headphones, I get closer to the sound I'm looking for. Things sound spacious and rich in comparison to the monitor speaker setup. - I get a harsh digital sounding tone anytime I use a delay block. This is not as important as the main tone issue, but it is pretty pronounced, and maybe this gives a clue to what's going on. Weirdly, ping pong delay is the only one I've found that doesn't have this problem as bad. - The sound was way too harsh and digital sounding until I turned on the global EQ and dialed down the high cut to a low level, around 5kHz - Using ribbon mic's on the cabinets helps immensely as well. I've not otherwise messed with trying different cabs or cab settings... - I've experimented with different amp models, and some work better than others, but the base fenders work the best: US Double vib/nrm. - Before Helix, I used a Yamaha THR10C, and found the chorus effect to give that smooth rich sound. (it doesn't actually sound like a chorus, and I only mention this in case anyone has experience with this) Appreciate the help!! Attached is a tone example (excuse my intermediate-lollipop playing) and also a settings file in case that's useful. Thanks, JoelMAIN Headphones.hlx Test Sound Clip Main Headphones.m4a
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