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  1. Hey all, just want to chime in and say thanks for the feedback on the speakers and overall setup. I obviously need to make some pretty significant changes, and to be honest, it will help to have these "independent 3rd party" reviews when I go to claim additional space in our family living room :) But honey, DunedinDragon and SashaFranck said... More seriously, this all makes sense and I have a bunch of work to do trying out the suggestions and patches. It will be a busy weekend. Please keep the advice coming if there's anything else... Joel
  2. Thanks to both of you for the great recommendations. All of those tips make sense and I will try all of them. Noted on the Global EQ. I think those near-field HS7 monitors are a big part of the problem. I was actually surprised by how good the recorded tone sounded when played on other speakers in a different setup. I also like the sound much better through headphones than the monitors. Those are dead giveaways, and I should have figured this out before. So it seems there are a couple of issues: - First, are near-field studio monitors the right choice for a hobbyist like myself looking to play for myself and my family in a sub-optimal living room setup? Or would something less "exact" make more sense? Would I like a Powercab a lot better, for example? - Also, placement could be a huge problem, as you pointed out. As you can see from the pic, the speakers are almost BEHIND my sitting position, so while they may project nicely into the room, it's probably a terrible setup for ME, which is a problem. Obviously those speakers are also crammed in a suboptimal space, one right next to another speaker (this is our living room main speaker system). I will do some research on speaker placement in general, but any tips based on the setup in the pic. Ways to improve it in the approximate space there? (I can move couch a bit). Also, should I consider a powercab instead of studio monitors? Thanks again for the great advice. Joel
  3. Hello, I'm having trouble getting the sound I was hoping for on the Helix, and I need some help. I'm sure it's my lack of experience with gear and effects that's the problem, not the Helix. I watched all the Jason Sadites videos and regularly read through this forum, and I do seem to be SLOWLY getting closer, but I also wonder if there is not something more fundamental wrong with my setup or settings - like guitar, monitor speakers, amp choice, etc. Here's how I'd describe the sound I'm going for: Warm, smooth, thick, rich clean tone, with some reverb/spaciousness, and a little overdrive to give it a soaring quality. I tend to prefer smoothness and warmth to pinpoint clarity and accuracy, and I definitely don't like twangy sounds. - My guitar. I have an American Elite Strat. It's great, but the single coils are probably at odds with my tonal goals. I use the neck pickup exclusively, but want it to be even more "neck-pickup-like" if that makes sense. The bridge pickups sound unusably harsh and twangy to my ears through the Helix. - I have monitor speakers connected to the Helix as my "amp". Yamaha HS7's - they are nice monitors, but possibly not as guitar "amp" and this may be part of the problem. - Over headphones, I get closer to the sound I'm looking for. Things sound spacious and rich in comparison to the monitor speaker setup. - I get a harsh digital sounding tone anytime I use a delay block. This is not as important as the main tone issue, but it is pretty pronounced, and maybe this gives a clue to what's going on. Weirdly, ping pong delay is the only one I've found that doesn't have this problem as bad. - The sound was way too harsh and digital sounding until I turned on the global EQ and dialed down the high cut to a low level, around 5kHz - Using ribbon mic's on the cabinets helps immensely as well. I've not otherwise messed with trying different cabs or cab settings... - I've experimented with different amp models, and some work better than others, but the base fenders work the best: US Double vib/nrm. - Before Helix, I used a Yamaha THR10C, and found the chorus effect to give that smooth rich sound. (it doesn't actually sound like a chorus, and I only mention this in case anyone has experience with this) Appreciate the help!! Attached is a tone example (excuse my intermediate-lollipop playing) and also a settings file in case that's useful. Thanks, JoelMAIN Headphones.hlx Test Sound Clip Main Headphones.m4a
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