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  1. You could be hearing the acoustic sounds of the physical guitar while recording, which of course won't be present at playback.
  2. Wow man that is great info. Thanks for your reply. I will get this done after work today.
  3. Just wondering if I can set up my Helix to recall presets on my SY-300 Guitar Synth via MIDI, and if so point me in the right direction as far as how.
  4. Don't use presets to judge the tonal quality. Some are good, but most have exaggerated effects. Like the above poster said, check out the "How to Create a Great Tone" series on Jason Sadites' YouTube channel. Start with the first one and go in order. This might seem like a PITA, and may be thinking "what do I have to do all this work for? I just want to play and this is a waste of time". It is a brief time investment, and soon you will get noticeably better at getting good sounds. How to Create a Great Tone Pt 1
  5. I'm on my Android now with no issues, but when i click on the "sign in" button on my Windows 10 laptop, nothing happens. Anyone else having this issue?
  6. Just downloaded your preset and it sounded very good through my setup, with none of the issues you're describing. The problem is not your preset but somewhere else in the chain. Good luck.
  7. This is a quick demo I just put together. My band plays "Burnin' for You"... Blue Oyster Cult. This is the harmonizer preset I use for the song when we play gigs. Would I record with it? Of course not, but for my purpose it's fine. It is a Twin Harmony Block placed between the amp and cab. Helix Harmonizer Quick Demo
  8. The liberal return policies of major USA retailers are not forced by laws. They are the policies chosen by each retailer to compete in the market. Good brief article... https://consumer.findlaw.com/consumer-transactions/customer-returns-and-refund-laws-by-state.html Returns and Refunds under Federal Law Many retailers, as part of their business models, allow returns if customers change their minds or receive unwanted items as gifts. While many retailers have decided this makes for the best business practice, they aren't legally required to accept returns. Rather, retailers are required to accept returns only if the sold good is defective or if they otherwise break the sales contract.
  9. I have found that most of Glenn's preset need a low cut between 100-120hz or even higher for them to work for me.
  10. Please post a preset you are having a particularly hard time with, and describe the playback system you want to use with it (FRFR, real amp, etc.). Someone will help you with it.
  11. SPL is 125dB, which on paper is impressive. I guess we'll find out how loud they are when they get released. I really have no use for this thing but if it does what they say they'll probably sell a bunch of them.
  12. Yes. The black bar is bad. I don't like the basic layout, either.
  13. I have a Firehawk 1500 and a Helix floor. 1) Not much better sound quality, IMO, but the Helix has much more variety of sounds, with more routing options that the FH just can't do. Plus the Helix can use IRs. 2) Yes, you can alter your presets and save them in different banks. I change presets for different guitars and save them in another bank. I you wanted to use your real amps you could just disable the amp block in your presets, or use preamp only blocks if you go 4CM. 3) WDW only works for audience members that are positioned in the middle of the room. In my mind it's more trouble than its worth. 4) Sorry I don't know. Someone else could chime in on this.
  14. Yes. I found that i have to stop playing the instant i switch snapshots or else a pop or some other weirdness becomes audible.
  15. Yes. My advice is to join this forum... https://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?board=138.0 I would go to the Variax sub-forum, where guys post their JTV presets and bundles. Through trial and error you should be able to find bundles that work for you. I would share my bundle with you, but most of my presets are from a purchased Helix bundle from Fremen. http://line6.com/support/topic/22156-fremen-big-pack-175-presets/
  16. I feel the OP's logic, but anyone purchasing modeling gear really has to understand that a decent re-sale value has a short shelf life in that once the tech is outdated, you'll get pennies on the dollar. It's only money, and I can make more at my job... To buy more gear I don't need. :D
  17. I hate to see people struggling with this. It was frustrating as hell for my on my 59. I eventually sorted it out by installing someone else's Variax bundle, but I wasted many hours trying to find a work-around. My JTV89F never had the problem at all.
  18. Still no mobile access for me. 502 error message appears on my screen.
  19. The sweeping synth sound at 0:21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XcKBmdfpWs
  20. Don't use the global EQ. Use an EQ (high cut set at 8K, adjust from there by ear) block after the cab block. If that doesn't work something is wrong with your hardware, or wrong with your patch. Post one of your patches that you have set for PA/FRFR in this thread. Maybe one or two of use can check it out and offer more specific advice.
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