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  1. Keep me posted. Really wanted to pull together a lefty variax as a gift for someone who wants one really bad.
  2. Would you be willing to share the contact info of those 5 so I can reach out and see if they'd be willing to take on a righty to lefty conversion project for me?
  3. Did you ever do this Scott? I'm interested in doing a righty to lefty transplant with a variax standard.
  4. I use the "8 Snapshots" mode so I can testify to the fact that snapshot copy DEFINITELY doesn't work in that mode. If I push FS1 and FS7 from that view will it just go to a "redundant" snapshot mode and allow me to copy?
  5. jbright44

    Snapshot copy

    Just updated to 2.8. For some reason the touch and hold and tap destination to copy a snapshot function is not working. If I touch and hold 2 buttons it will give me the prompt to switch, but when I touch hold and tap it doesn't give me the prompt to copy. Any ideas here?
  6. jbright44

    USB Cables

    I'm using a long Amazon basics cable. No hub. Although I'm about to get a new laptop that is USBC only and I'll be forced to use a hub
  7. jbright44

    USB Cables

    What USB Cables have you guys had good luck with? I still have lots of USB issues with my Helix and one thing I noticed is that when I'm connected to the PC (Mac) whenever I step on the volume pedal, the helix drops connection. We'll go through this dance where I disconnect, reconnect and restart the helix 4 or 5 times with it doing this and then it will eventually stop screwing up and work. I'm wondering if it's the cable. What USB cables have you guys had good luck with??
  8. I tend to use the Ownhammer studio modern mix of the bogner 2x12 with alnico silvers. I also tend to use vox and matchless amps. If 3 sigma has something similar that may work.
  9. If you assign it to a switch it tells you on the scribble strip what it is. Editing from the front panel is almost always easier and faster
  10. "Hey guys thanks for buying a helix. As a gift here's EVERYTHING WE'VE EVER MADE!" That's pretty much what this feels like and as a guitar player who's had some type of line 6 gear at pretty much every iteration of my rig this makes me feel very grateful. It's like everything of every line6 piece of gear that I've ever had that I loved just got given back to me for free
  11. Holy lollipop! Legacy effects FTW! I was just wishing the other day I could get the seeker in there! This must be the "controversial" update but I think it's FANTASTIC! ALSO I sure love the sound of those reverb names. MAYBE they will make me stop missing my big sky
  12. jbright44


    My guess is this uses the same architecture but only has one processor. Hence fx only, limited to 9 fx and a sub $600 price point DI said the reason the 2.3 and HXEDIT software took so long to get out was because they were reworking the whole architecture to give them more flexibility for the future and making helix more of a platform to do many things with. This makes sense. People have been crying about lack of updates or a new version of the M9 and 13 pedals. Well, here it is.
  13. I think this is exactly it. People think of guitars in different ways than they do other pieces of gear I think. At least I do anyway. Plus as someone who is often buying and selling and trading and changing as my musical tastes and styles evolve, few things have stuck around for long periods of time.....
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