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  1. I was planning on doing 4cm as well and use the Send 3/4 into a stereo powered mixer. I love multichannel sound, so duh WDW! I have some patches in which I use my old Marshall Valvestate for these purposes. But I just hate carrying it around, because it is a heavy combo (and LOUD - I bought an attenuator to be able to play it at home, same for my vintage AC30). The Catalyst will be a lot more portable. What post amp effects are you using in the catalyst? If you are using none (all in path 2a), you can actually just use the return feed on the back straight from the output of the Helix, right?
  2. A separate footswitch; interesting. Is that to use the Catalyst standalone from a Helix? Because there is a footswitch option in there too right? Are you also looking into MIDI in your report? Great stuff.
  3. Thanks all of you for your generous input. Considering the price, sound and options, the Catalyst seems the way to go then. Great to hear some real experiences. Maybe if I buy one today I have it in before fathers day ;-)
  4. So I am looking for a great amp to compliment my Helix for on stage, rehearsal and 'bedroom' use. First obvious choice is the PowerCab 112+, but now the Catalyst entered. Different beast, but able to be used as a poweramp in combination with the Helix. And with midi some interesting options to using the basic Catalyst features from the Helix too. Oh, and at half the current retail price. So making choices.... I have not yet come across information on what to base your choices on comparing the two. Any suggestions dear Helix friends? Does going for PwrCb mean loss of options without using the Helix? Does CTLST introduce limitations? And what about the sound? Any advice much appreciated.
  5. Not sure if I am crazy (just as much as you I guess), but - like I said - the templates are a good start (!) They certainly require tweaking and in some cases some major rework (or a delete - where is that function anyway) to sound anywhere close to the sound I was looking for. I think it is just a bit daft to populate the system with presets and then have people guessing. I can assume copyrights or something might be an issue here, so the people at Line6 might be hesitant to spill the beans. Also, please consider the fact that not all of us are born in the USA or the UK, so some titles might be obvious to American or UK users.
  6. You're doing yourselves injustice here Digital_Igloo. They are a great basis to build your own tone upon. That is why it is nice to have a better reference to the tone you guys were trying to emulate. So please do us a favor and tell us what your were aiming for, than maybe the community can improve upon them. We would all like to help you out, I am sure :-)
  7. Thanks Caledoneus! Now if I could only figure out all those cryptic names. Some are obvious, but some aren't. Any lists around that explain the 2.80 presets?
  8. @Inerzia I was wondering how the vocoder works in the Helix environment. Have you done some experimenting with multiple uses (before the helix, in a loop)? I can't find any good examples or user stories out there.
  9. Got my Helix yesterday and unfortunately copied a new preset over Factory 2 31D. Anybody who can send me the preset to get my stuff back in the original state? Thxs in advance
  10. I actually solved it. I have hooked up the AUX input with my stereo guitar using a Fender ABY I had lying around. So I now have my GL&L using the G30 feeding into a VOX wah into the guitar in. Then I have my Sheraton piezo into an acoustic exciter to A of the ABY and humbuckers into the B, going into the AUX. Works like a charm.
  11. That's good te know, but then I still am one input short. The guitar I usually play (G&L) is a mono, that I hooked up to a G30. So I guess that would go into the guitar input. Would it be possible to use two unassigned Return inputs for the stereo guitar?
  12. Thx. I understand that creating different banks for different setups works. It's just that it might be quite a bit of maintenance to create all presets in duo and keeping them synched. I guess it's probably best to create most presets for FOH and just a few with the best tones for my amps. Probably will involve some additional tweaking as well.
  13. Ok, so I love my amps. I own a vintage AC30, Marshall Valvestate and actually thinking about getting the Mesa Boogie TC-100. Currently, I am using a Firehawk. I am thinking of upgrading to the Helix. I play in a cover band with quite a number of people. Sometimes bigger venues, but mostly small stages. So I would be playing my amps in some cases (preferably WDW, 4/7/10 cable), but in most cases probably use FOH directly from the Helix. So here's my questions: Are the presets of the Helix much better quality than the Firehawk? Is there an easy way to create presets that would allow me to toggle between playing on my amps and FOH? (I dread creating the same presets in different banks and keeping them synched) How does WDW work when sending the signal FOH? I have both a normal mono output guitar ánd a guitar with stereo output. Is there a way to use three input signals? Or do I have to use a splitter before the input? Any guidance of experienced users or Line6 would be great.
  14. OK, so getting my 4 cable method going using the correct connections from mono/left and applying the FX patch in the right part of the signal chain I end up with a very nice sounding amp and effects. Great! But now I want to use two amps. So, I tried the 7 cable method with my little Hotone amp. I thought this might be very sweet with stereo delay. Using the right channel cabling something really weird happens: The pre-amp section of my Hotone starts getting into the signal path, effecting my left channel (adding a bunch of gain). In fact, the volume of my Hotone now starts to govern my Marshall on the left signal path. Detaching the Send Right/Hotone Input cable allows me to just add the effects to the Hotone, but then I can't use the volume of the little amp to increase. Am I missing something here? Is it at all possible to use a 7 cable method?
  15. I am experiencing a loud humming noise from my amps when using the Firehawk. Until now I have not been able to find the source. groundlift doesn't help. My setup is as follows: guitars / behringer micromix 400 / firehawk / One channel to VOX AC30TB / Other channel via 4-cbl method to Marshall combo Directly connecting the behringer to the amps solves the problem. But hey, that's not an option really. I have also tried connecting the marshall directly, resulting in the same humming noise. I have also tried a clean channel without any amp models or effect, but to no avail. The noise is pretty loud. I estimate around 40db. At a concert this is not a real problem, but during practice my bandmembers are really getting freaked. Suggestions? Anybody else experiencing these problems?
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