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  1. The FX Loop and Preset EQ blocks are automatically assigned to stomp switches, and adding any additional effects automatically assigns them to the remaining stomp switches. Is it possible to not dedicate 2 of the switches to the FX and EQ functions and instead use those switches for other blocks?
  2. I have both the Spider V and the HX and plan to use them as PolMol has suggested. But....how can this sound good with no amp chosen in the Spider V and there are no amps in the HX? Wouldn't it make sense to set a clean patch in the Spider - with an amp, plus some EQ, reverb, maybe some compression....then feed the HX into that patch? I set up a Fender sound by editing a Spider patch while comparing it to a real Fender Deluxe. That becomes my basic sound and the HX becomes my pedalboard. So PolMol.....Why no amp in your setup?
  3. Played a gig where I needed a quick tremolo sound. I added it to FX1 only to find that the Spider V saved it permanently, losing my solo distortion. I had not hit the save button and expected my orig settings to return once I turned off and on the amp. Is there a setting where I can edit the Spider without it making a permanent save?
  4. Which brings up my biggest complaint about the Spider V. It should have an effects loop! GTRman100 brings up a good point, but also, if you are using the wireless feature, it would be nice to have an effects loop to use some pedals.
  5. What is the reason that Line 6 separates the newer Helix effects from the so-called Legacy effects such as those in the M9 / M13 pedals? There are a few Legacy effects that I would use but wonder if the quality of these is not up to par with the Helix choices. If that is the case, why hasn't Line 6 updated those effects? There are some older effects that are not available in the Helix section of HX.
  6. Oops....I stand corrected. Thanks GTRMAN100! I had tried to use the XLR outs on a gig the other day and it seemed to cut out the amp speakers. Not sure what I was doing wrong, but I tried this again at home after hearing from GTRMAN and he is right....the speakers were not muted when using the XLR connection. SO....all is well again in Line 6 Land.
  7. I tried to connect a PA using a cable from the XLR out, but the amp speakers are then silenced. I would like to use the amp as a monitor while sending the signal to a PA. Is there a way to have the amp on with an XLR cable connected? Or can this be done using a cable in the headphone out connection?
  8. I don't want scenes...How can I setup the M9 so that the 6 switches are 6 different stomp Boxes? I would only use one at a time and would like the display to show the stomp that I clicked on.
  9. The Fractal FX-8 looks real promising. The buttons are all assignable. Fractal has always had great sounding effects. Hopefully, the price is competitive. I like what I see so far.
  10. Like Firehawk, the M13 is a great product and I am sure that a lot of players like it. But for me it is limited by only having 4 buttons that can be used for FX, no pedal, no HD effects and no amp modeling. The BOSS ME series is nice, but I find the BOSS sounds to be weak and I know many others share this opinion. For now, the Firehawk is what I will use.
  11. That looks like a nice device, but I think that is more of a desktop item and not for stage use. As you know, there are lots of multi-effects units out there, but none that seem to be more of a pedalboard. The BOSS ME-50, ME-80 is closer to what I am talking about. But missing the editing and screens that would make it great. PLus, I prefer the Line 6 amp modeling.
  12. What I would like is someone like Line 6 to make a sort of self-contained pedalboard. Skip the patches.... I don't need them. I agree with the posts on closeness of the buttons....But there are 8 buttons now... Skip the Up/Down and have just 6 buttons, 3 on top and 3 lower, and i can pick ANY effect to be at ANY of the 6 buttons. Each would have a small screen that I could edit to show basic things like CHORUS, OD, DISTORTION, COMP.....We could still pick from a variety of effects, but once you pick one, it is a CHORUS, or a DISTORTION, and that is all we need to know on a stage. I donlt want a picture of a Tube Screamer that I cannot see. Allow me to decide if there will be AMP MODELING or if I will go straight into my own amp. This button need not be on the top face. I really don't understand why this has not been made yet. Every guitar player with a current pedalboard would jump on this. No cords, no power brick and less weight and size.
  13. I am enjoying the early days of gigging with a Firehawk. I must say that I like it a lot. Great job, Line 6! BUT.... I would like to ask Line 6 to put out a new device with these features: Something like the firehawk but: 1) Smaller. Much smaller. The Helix, HD series and Firehawk are too big. 2) Yes, I want the wah/volume pedal. 3) I don't care if I edit on PC or by bluetooth... just make it easy. 4) Like the Firehawk, but with a button that can turn on or off the amp modeling. 5) Assignable buttons - like Firehawk - but ALL can be assigned and ALL have a small screen showing what the buttons are assigned to. 6) Patches are OK, but not necesary. I would rather have ONE patch with 8 buttons where I can turn on/off the effects assigned to those buttons. 7) Did I mention - keep it SMALL?
  14. I am an electrical engineer, but I can't seem to understand the full workings of the 4CM. I get the cable connections and signal routing. Here are some questions that i don't understand. 1) The FX Loop can get assigned to a button. Does shutting OFF the FX Loop essentially bypass the Send/Return? In other words, the guitar signal would go to the IN of the Firehawk, get the full effects in that patch chain and then go out the OUTPUT to the Amps power amp section. Is that correct? 2) How would I use the 4CM and be able to use either the amps Pre-amp OR the Firehawk modeled pre-amps in a single patch? It appears that this is not possible. True? 3) The fx loop MIX..... I understand that 100% means that ALL of the signal goes out the SEND. Does 50% then mean that the SEND gets a mix of dry signal AND signal with effects? Who knew that guitar playing was so complicated?
  15. Well that is helpful, thank you, but really did not answer my questions which are: 1) Do the effects to the left of the FX LOOP block get sent to the input of the amp and effects to the right of the FX LOOP get sent to the power amp? 2) Do I need to add an AMP/CAB to the right of the FX LOOP for the effects on the right side to sound right?
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