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  1. The 89F shouldn't have blue lights as far as I know. The 59 does, to indicate what model you are using.
  2. I can't expect FH to get updates like the Helix considering the price difference.
  3. About 98% of the time, it's one or the other.
  4. Did you try any of the advice in this thread?
  5. I am glad you kids were able to work things out. :D
  6. I had the same trouble as the OP. I tried again an hour later and everything went well. Probably the L6 server was too busy during my initial attempt.
  7. I updated Helix first but didn't see the new amps and effects until I updated the Editor to 2.51.
  8. Just buy a name brand like Fender or Whirlwind. Those high end cables seem like snake oil to me.
  9. I had to go through every Helix preset and turn off the guitar modeling on the Variax, then re-save the patch. I think I even started a thread about it. PITA, but not the end of the world.
  10. Digital modelling pyramid scheme. I want in!
  11. I agree with the OP. A large percentage of threads in the Helix sub-forum are about amp models. The HXFX users will have to wade through a bunch of topics that don't apply to them to find any info they actually want.
  12. I own a FH1500 and a Helix. The FH sounds just as good as Helix. There... I said it. Just my opinion, of course. The advantages of the Helix over the FH1500 are: 1) IRs provide more variety of sounds in Helix. 2) Helix is so easy to navigate. 3) Helix plus my Alto TS112 speaker are much lighter for bringing to gigs than the 1500. 4) I can edit Helix on my Windows laptop. I am stuck using the fairly clunky phone app for the 1500. 5) More complex routing available on Helix. YMMV.
  13. Almost everybody who buys a new Variax is fooled by this. Trust us.... you are hearing the strings acoustically clashing with the amplified signal. As stated above, try some closed headphones to clarify this for yourself.
  14. If I push on the plastic edge around my laptop screen I get that effect. I don't think this is an issue at all. Enjoy your Helix.
  15. Thanks guys. I am not sure what is going on with my pickup. At first I thought maybe one of the coils stopped working, but there is no 60 cycle hum, so that is not it.
  16. Mine is very lacking in the low end/bass department. The Lester model equivalent pickup sounds more ballsy and powerful. I am trying to figure out if it is the nature of the stock Line 6 pickup, or if something else is going on, such as a wiring issue. Any help is appreciated.
  17. It's a 2012 model. That's all I can tell from the serial number.
  18. I have one and its pretty good. I use it as a monitor at rehearsal and at gigs. Its been reliable and it sounds good. The Helix through the Firehawk 1500 sounds better, though. More "balls" and "thump". It is also 3x the price.
  19. The new Headrush has twice the power of the Alto. The SPL are the same, but in theory, the HR should sound better at 124DB. I have no idea how it sounds, but the specs are clearly much better.
  20. I start at 9k and adjust from there. I never go below 6.5k.
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