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  1. What fun is there in that?
  2. After listening to that I'm hoping there is a mute switch on the new "Milla Jovovich" helix addition :)
  3. If the Helix update arrived with a Milla Jovovich installed I would be a happy man.
  4. Yep was getting interesting, back to the whining...
  5. And this I guess is what Dave meant.
  6. Recently, just before Dave Gilmour auctioned his guitars he did an interview about it on the TV. The interviewer asked "So if someone buys one of your guitars will they sound like you?", Dave replies "No".
  7. Here's what I have come up with, does it make sense? helix fx send 1 -> amp input amp fx send to helix fx return 1 helix fx send 2 -> amp fx return amp speaker output -> captor amp in captor line out -> helix fx return 2 so then I can mix and match helix pre amp with th30 power amp and th30 pre amp with helix power amp. does this sound about right?
  8. Hi Guys, So I want to integrate my Orange TH30 Combo with my Helix for recording. I am thinking of doing this via a torpedo captor as a load box. I would like to be able to switch between helix amps and the TH30. what is the best way of connecting it all up? Cheers Andy
  9. Yeah Roland are spot on with this. They have sent me parts for out of production kit at seriously low cost and also emailed the service manuals. Top notch.
  10. Line 6 don't make the parts so you just need to order a compatible part, any decent tech will be able to get the parts and fix it or just do some googling and grab the soldering iron.
  11. I have a JTV69 and it is a terrible guitar, I have had nothing but trouble with it. It has been back to Line6, I expected a sorry and a new guitar but they sent it back to me telling me it was of standard quality. You can't even intonate it properly as there is not enough adjustment on two of the screws, to me it looks like the bridge is in the wrong place! I would steer clear of them myself.
  12. Check your controller setup In Logic X, one of them is sending data to the helix and crashing it. Logic Pro X->Control Surfaces->Setup Check the output port of every controller to find the one causing the problem and delete it or set its midi out correctly.
  13. Playing midi guitar live is always an experience! Over the years I have tried many systems, I still have most of them sitting around. I have a couple of triple play setups which probably I guess is about as good as you get at the moment but around a year ago I got a Linnstrument, no need for midi guitar now!
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