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  1. Thanks guys, Facebook became dump for worst behaviours, a world upside down... I have my real life problems to solve and a family and don’t want any added problem neither i want to blow on fire. I hope you’ll continue upgrading work i started and share it for free... thanks
  2. Thank you, you're very kind, i live in Italy i think it'd be too expensive, btw i made it yet for my Helix... Thanks again BTW See you.
  3. I just read your comments, so I’m sorry guys i have to delete file and images, i was kicked out from that FB group with threats (have screenshots)... i don’t want problems for a sticker. See you.
  4. Thank you guys, i'm pleased you appreciated my work... What you think about posting some images of that on your Helix? Haven't seen yet...
  5. Quoting = taking measures. Don’t cheat, ahahah. Tomorrow (i hope) i’ll give instructions how to quote it. Then i’ll make LT version. Sorry HX users, there’s no room for a sticker in your devices.
  6. I tried yet, it doesn’t fit A3, maybe diagonally (haven’t tried) but it would be a total waste of precious adhesive paper... It would be an idea to make united strip and make it print to a Print Service Center
  7. I agree, Frank is top notch, he responded to all request i made, he's a squisite person, i think he can't do anything about that. The fact remains that a community of 14000 users about Helix products could act these ways and Line6 is out from these policies. It's only a statement, not a complaint.
  8. Yes, indeed @MusicLaw it’s troubling for sure, a user even wrote he would punch me out (i have screenshots smarties!!! :D ) for an opinion, i invite them to go to someone skillful. Also wrote to Frank Ritchotte about this but i was totally ignored, maybe Line6 policy accepts these kind of behaviours, don’t know... Thanks for your invitations, i’ll try to join asap job permitting.
  9. I invite you to try to print it and apply to your Helix and you’ll see everything is fine ;)
  10. I understood @HonestOpinion but it does not make sense to me, can’t find the point, if you’re in front of it i’m assuming you’re reading labels. BTW, is there someone quoting LT and HX fx so i could edit also these versions. <—— IMPORTANT But overall, had someone tried to apply the sticker? Images would be appreciated.
  11. This feature was designed for a purpose... reading it from player point of view, logos are there for your huge headbanging public :D
  12. @HonestOpinion I had a very hard discussion on big FB page about this opinion and I was banned, democracy is not their best quality... So this will be free for all, I'd need money in this bad moment of life but this not the way to gain them. Of course I like every kind of appreciations :)
  13. I don't own it, I'd need at least some quotes, I'd be happy to make it for everyone... HX effects and Helix LT also would be nice. Waiting for someone send me some machines, ahahah.
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