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  1. Old post but, in case anyone else is looking for this... Yes, you can do this. Press MONITOR button Select a monitor on screen by tapping on it Tap (FX) To Mons Effects and the amount of them can now be added or reduced
  2. I have that same problem with my original StageScape. I have 2 news ones that I use as my live mixer and my studio mixer for playing with our live mix. Anyway that problem you describe seemed to happen to mine after running sound at a venue with terrible voltage/dirty power. During that sound job, and ever since, that mixer does that thing where it sounds like a 747 is flying through the dive bar :) It seems that problem is related to phantom power. Adjusting the level on a phantom powered input causes several other channel's level trim to max out full red. If you can get away with no phantom power, you may be ok. I never got to troubleshoot it completely, but after 3 more years of using it, I started picking up on the phantom power being the common denominator.
  3. I know this post is old, but I'm looking for a replacement driver for one of my L3s...came back from a charity event I loaned them to with a possibly blown speaker :( I need to get the serial numbers off them so I can register them and log a support ticket, but would like to know where all Line 6 parts can be sourced. Have not been able to find ANY replacement parts on the Line 6 website. Am I missing something?
  4. Good, but I hope to see my Helix icon actually show up at some point LOL
  5. Good to know. Have never needed to do that, but wondered if I could.
  6. Good to know. Have never needed to do that, but wondered if I could.
  7. It glitches like that when Helix is plugged in or not. The USB works well enough for it to recognize Helix and install the driver when I first plug it in. It also detects that my Helix firmware is not new enough. I tried a few versions of Edit, starting with the first one, which I think was 1.12 I even tried versions of Helix Application. That pic was a closeup of the only part of the window that displays anything at all, and the fuzzy looking 'Account About' menu options are not clickable. I give up until I try again with a borrowed laptop. Thanks for your help though!
  8. There is definitely a hardware issue on some units that cause the jumpy main level control. If you are running the latest firmware you can open fader view and control the mains there.
  9. Yup, what Rewolf said. My iPad works perfectly. I sit in the middle of the crowd and enjoy my work :)
  10. Pic...sideways pic...grrrr lol
  11. I did everything you said, and it looked like it was working as intended. My Helix was recognized, and drivers were installed successfully. Of course my firmware wasn't at least version 2.20, so I closed edit, and ran the updater. Same glitched out updater. I tried attaching a pic, if it works you'll see what I'm getting. I think I'm going to borrow a laptop... Frustrating.
  12. LMAO I just updated my studio rig to Windows 7 from XP purely for the ability to use my newer Line 6 gear, or I'd be using XP for the rest of my life. If I get everything running on this, it will be my last version of Windows. Windows 8 and 10 are ghastly. I will never ever use either. Microsoft can bite me lol But, great info. Thanks!
  13. Cool, more stuff to try! Thanks, they sound like valid ideas. Yes, I uninstalled everything. I may try borrowing a laptop...
  14. As mentioned above, the best way by far is to L6 Link out of Helix into an L3m/t, then L6 Link from that to the next L3m/t, for true stereo rig.
  15. I have four L3m/t and an L2m. The L3m/t definitely has more bottom end when used as a FRFR monitor, but both will easily cover any frequency of your 6 string guitar.
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