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  1. Got the MD20 out for an outdoor service - and it won't power up. Ugh... Is there a fuse that one could access and replace. I don't hear any "click" of a power supply powering up. The MD20 has been lightly used - maybe a dozen times, and has been kept in a padded hardshell case, so it wasn't abused at all. Grrrr... wanting to use it with 2 l3t speakers and one l2t. Not sure what to do... Thanks! Larry
  2. I guess I wasn’t aware that the main outputs were live along with the L6 link - makes sense, though, because I sometimes use a monitor feed for a non-L 6 monitor along with the L2t I have for that. It is a good idea - thanks! I am going up to the venue next week for a final inspection, to make sure I can locate the sound and video booth near the front stage. I know I can mix from an iPad in the audience, but if I have to set the sound/video booth up in the back of the room, the M20d won’t work well, especially not with the short runs possible with the L6 link. I’d have to go with a long conventional analog snake. Then the main outs would be used for powering the L3t speakers. If that’s the case, I might need to find the cash for the Yamaha TF1 and a digital snake. Thanks for the input!
  3. I haven’t used my MD20 for large venues yet, but will be doing one in a little over a month (400 people in a conference setting), and part of the gig is to switch and record video through a video mixer. In my church, I configure two of my Yamaha TF5’s aux sends to output a mix to the video mixer and I use that as sound for all recorded video. Easy, sweet... never thought of doing that with the MD20 - never needed to until now. I will be using two L3t and one L3t speakers via Line6 link for the main output... do I just configure two of the monitor outs as aux sends? Is that how it’s done on this mixer? I really don’t want to have to buy a TF1 for this gig, but I might need to... Sorry for for the novice question, but the manual doesn’t really deal with this... Larry
  4. Hi - haven't posted here in a while - I have a seldom-used Line 6 system - M20d, two L3t speakers, one L2t, and an L3s. I use it for small venues occasionally, but in my main installation (church), I use a Yamaha TF3/Dante system. I am being asked to handle sound for an outdoor event that will have a sound booth perhaps 100' away from the stage. Has anyone been able to use the Line6 link over that kind of distance, or is the limit still 50'? I COULD (with some drama) possibly move the sound booth closer to the stage - I guess that would help with instrument and mic cables. I do like the M20d and Line 6 speakers - I haven't have any issues with them at all... So - how do you all set up in a larger venue? Thanks - Larry
  5. Just wanted to report back to the forum - Pete from Line 6 sent out a new charger and it solved the problem. The JTV69 shows the batteries as fully charged now... Larry Becker
  6. Pete at Line 6 support offered to send me out a replacement charger - I'm hopeful that that will take care of the issue. I will post back here when it's resolved... Thanks, all!
  7. Yeah - I figured it USUALLY meant that - but it also blinks when NO battery is installed, and I have re-installed it numerous times with (now) four different batteries. I HAVE charged batteries in this before and it was fine - but it doesn't seem to matter how, or even if, I install the battery - it just blinks.
  8. Per the staff instructions above, I opened a support ticket (and discovered I forgot to register my Helix!)
  9. Apologies for a dumb question, and yes, I did a search in the forum but can't quite find the answer I need. I've had my JTV 69 for about 3 years, haven't used it much (acoustic player, can't quite get my head around electric-but I have played on some videos I've shot and produced for non-profits) - recently got a Helix in the hope of using the two together to do some interesting things. So, I had some time over the holiday to play, went to power up my Variax, and the batteries wouldn't seem to take a charge. Ok, probably dead batteries? So I ordered a couple more batteries from Sweetwater, and the same thing. The charger just flashes its red light once a second or so. I've left them on the charger all night and no difference. And yes, I have made sure the batteries are seated well in the charger. I was trying to power up the guitar to use Workbench and to make sure I had the most up-to-date firmware for the guitar. How does the charger behave when it's charging/done charging? Is there a difference in the light pattern? I'm thinking I blew the charger - it was just left plugged in, probably since I bought it. Thanks! Larry
  10. Thought I'd post back on this topic - just had a wheel pop on one of my L3t speaker bags - ugh! Two Years to the Day that I ordered it from Sweetwater - I'm checking to see if they will still honor the 2 yr warranty they have on everything you get from them. Kind of bummed - I really don't travel with them much - and it's always on pretty smooth surfaces. I've maybe moved them 10 x since I've got them. If I were a regular gigging musician, it wouldn't have lasted a month at that rate. Weird - the wheel housing is pretty thin plastic - it is a weak design for such a heavy speaker. I can't imagine trying to move them around without wheels, though. Will report back on how Sweetwater handles it - literally right on the invoice date - sheesh... looking on their web site, the rating on these bags is pretty low - seems I'm not the only one with this issue.
  11. I don't know why I never thought about that issue before, but it is a significant limitation on the use of the M20D... but like you say, setting up nearer the stage has its plusses and minuses. The event I was thinking about running, though, had a video shooting component with it, so getting a feed from the M20D to the camera would have been helpful. I decided to just hire the event out to a company that specializes in events like this and let them sort it out - I can then worry about all the other details (speakers, schedule, content, musicians, food). Thanks, SiWatts! Much Appreciated! Larry
  12. Wow - dumb question, I know - I've used my system for smaller events where I am one of the musicians on stage and am running it from near me - but I have an opportunity to provide sound for a large-ish venue from back of house, and I don't think it will work. Since the max cable run for these is 50', that's essentially how far away the mixer can be from the first speaker in the chain, right? Thanks! Larry
  13. LDBecker

    Helix FAQ

    Woah... Awesome video on the integration of the Variax and the Helix... Just what I was wondering... Any more videos out there on this? Edit- oh, derp, just subscribed to Sweetwater's YouTube channel...
  14. LDBecker

    Helix FAQ

    I asked this earlier but maybe too subtly.... How does the Helix integrate with the Stagescape mixer and Line Six Speakers, like the L3t, L3s and L2t? The whole Full Range Flat Response concept would SEEM to be ideal in a product like the Helix that does so much modeling within itself. I have never felt that the JT Variax, POD 500x, Stagescape mixer and Stagesource speakers were well-integrated... If the Helix can pull that off, I'm in... I was wishing the Sweetwater video would have done more than touch on the Variax and L6 Link jacks... Any input on using all the Line 6 gear TOGETHER?
  15. LDBecker

    Helix FAQ

    I noted also the Variax and L6 link input connection on the back, and the mention of Dream Rig on the display... FINALLY some actual integration... I have a Variax 69, L3t speakers, L3s, an L2t for a monitor, AND the Stagesource mixer... Hoping this will all come together and work in a more unified manner- the Variax and the Stagesource mixer never seemed to fit. This might be the key... I wonder how the Variax guitar will integrate with it... Any insights? Larry
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