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  1. I am new to using the HX Effects Tones. I just downloaded your tone to give it a try! Thanks for sharing. I was a bit surprised at the small number of tones available for download...perhaps the release of the updated HX Edit will change that! It threw me off a bit when I went to import. When you choose File, Import Preset the file suffix is *.hlx, but the tones that are downloaded have a l6t suffix. I chose to display "All Files (*.*)" and then chose the Tone file and all seemed to work well. Here's a screen capture of what your tone looks like in HX Edit now:
  2. Just received my HX Effects and wanted to backup the factory presets before I start experimenting, but I receive a HX Edit error dialog (screen capture attached) "Unexpected or bad data type in preset. (code -8606). I am using Win 10, and have my HX Effects firmware update to 2.54. Did a screen capture of the error dialog box and attached it to this post.
  3. Why would you delete a post that may contain the solution to a problems others are likely to experience?
  4. From what I've read, I thought so...I am going to add the Helix of my gear very soon. What's your favorite configuration with a variax, firehawk, and the Helix, or with just a variax and the Helix?
  5. The Firehawk 1500 remote app seems to handle that...see image below
  6. Thank you for the reply. What percent of the Helix sounds are contained in the 1500? Is the signal design more robust in the Helix compared to the 1500 (using the Firehawk 1500 ipad App)?
  7. I have the Firehawk 1500 and the JTV-89F, and planning to purchase the FBV 3 foot controller. Do these three pieces of gear cover most bases Line-6 wise? Thanks
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