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  1. Merlin5150

    Question about the new update coming up

    Regarding HX Effects and upcoming update. will the cab/mic options be available also for HX?
  2. Merlin5150

    "Stutter" effect

    Great Idea!
  3. Merlin5150

    HX Effects - extremely noises fx loop

    Thank you very much! I opened a ticket
  4. Merlin5150

    HX Effects - extremely noises fx loop

    yeah, its just the 4CM setup, i unplugged it and did the same test, there was no change in noise. so, would this be considred faulty? its just I'm not sure whats normal. Thanks everyone!
  5. Merlin5150

    HX Effects - extremely noises fx loop

    Ok, I just did this test and I do have white noise after turning on the fx loop. is this an acceptable level?
  6. Merlin5150

    Unchained settings -or- recommend pedal

    Hey Matt, I uploaded a Unchained patch for the HX Effects in CustomTone, almost the last page. Feel free to take and tweak it, then upload it back. Im a newbie to all this and Im sure improvments can be made EARLY VH 1.hlx
  7. Hi Glenn, Are there any downloads for the HX Effects?
  8. Merlin5150

    HX Effects Customtone downloads

    Hi, Im new to the HX Effects and love it, however theres so much I need to learn. I just uploaded a pre-set called "Early VH 1" . Being new to this, theres probably something missing or could be moved around to make it better. Any advice/ critiques would be appreciated... The Flange is set to momentary and is set to go with the 'Unchained' riff. The Phase is set to early VH and the ATBL delay( Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love) tries to get that same effect on the song. Thanks for reading...
  9. Merlin5150


    Can anybody post a screenshot of what it looks like to use separate send/return blocks on HX EFFECTS signal chain?, I’m still trying to learn all about the 4CM.
  10. Merlin5150

    HX Effects Customtone downloads

    Great Thanks....I think the file extension was the problem.
  11. Merlin5150

    HX Effects Customtone downloads

    Hi. A quick question....Im noticing there are tones available to download for the HX EFFECTS...... those don't work yet right? or if I can, they're not working after being downloaded to my unit Thanks for reading
  12. Merlin5150

    Helix Harsh Tones/ offensive replies

    Here’s an idea, go to the Line6 Homepage and find the “Events” Tab, there are learning events listed and may have one near you.
  13. Merlin5150

    HX Effects 4 cable method

    Are you saying to disconnect the soldered ground connection?
  14. Merlin5150

    HX Edit for HX Effects

    HX Effects is now showing up on the product page on Customtones.... cant download anything yet, but it's a start!
  15. Merlin5150

    HX Effects questions

    Thanks everyone!