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  1. Hi, thank you! I am very aware of this and would only use the Stomp for one-off effects. My understanding is that I might not need the split paths and if that's the case - I believe the Stomp should cover these modules, right?: Simple Pitch +12-Vtron (start U, End A)- EQ with a mid bump-Red Comp (Max Sustain)-Chamber reverb
  2. I’m a former Helix user thinking about adding a Stomp back to my setup. Does the Freqout emulation patch work on that unit or does it consume too much DSP? Thanks!
  3. Drivers did the trick in Reaper, so maybe it is Mikko and Mac? Thank you all very much!!!
  4. Hey guys, I'm really at a loss here and could use the help.Helix LT connected via USB to my MacBook Pro. Updated machine with Helix 2.8. The Helix is not recognized as an input device when using with a standalone VST (Mikko) as well as in Reaper and other audio applications. Hooking up the computer to the Helix via USB allows audio from Spotify, YouTube, etc. to play, but when using it for a VST it's not recognized as an input device, even after being set as the input device. I have HX Edit routing audio to USB 1/2. The VST program Mikko outputs audio through my monitors when using the "Test" button in its audio settings, but does not detect input (and in turn output) in its meters. I don't quite know what I am doing wrong. EDIT: We can rule out the Helix itself btw. It works on Windows (but that machine is underpowered and causing popping, so I want to use the MacBook for this purpose).
  5. I do not recall seeing those, so that’s a first step. Routing issue maybe? The input in my daw pointed to my interfaces... I created an audio track... unclear on what’s going on.
  6. Edit: mods can this move to the proper forum? I accidentally defaulted here because I browse so much but just now realized you have a whole section for Native sorry! Hi gang, I'm an LT user who just activated the Native trial and I am having a hell of a time getting it to work. I have a feeling it is something simple I am overlooking. Is there something more I need to be doing within the VST itself? Any input would be greatly appreciated! For context, I'm not always able to play through the LT, so I thought Native would be a great portable solution. DAWs tried: GarageBand, Reaper on Mac, Reaper on Windows Interfaces tried: iRig HD, Behringer UMC202HD Output: Headphones via computer audio out, UMC202HD headphone out My interfaces see the guitar signal, my computers see the interfaces. Headphones work when using normal audio on the computers. The cable hooking the guitar to the interface works with my LT. When I load Native into the DAW I get no sound when arming recording or just direct monitoring. I DID NOT try the Behringer interface on Mac and will try potentially tonight. Not really sure what I am missing here... let me know if you need more info!
  7. Thanks j_hotch I do like that one too! I saw his settings for an Unchained sound and I wish I could find a middle ground between the two. One is too light the other, too much. I imagine I’m not doing enough with the mix or chain placement. I’ll keep at it!
  8. Thanks! Ive looked there too and haven’t found something that authentic. Burningyen seems to get closer than most so I may just purchase his preset. Care to point me to any videos I may have overlooked? Really appreciate it!!
  9. Hi gang, I've used this forum heavily to try and set my Helix to give me that EVH Unchained flanger sound (particularly the "whoosh" on the low notes) and I just can't seem to capture the same sound as the album. Has anyone had any success that could share their settings? Alternatively, if you can recommend a small footprint flanger (no space for the 4-knob MXR117 or EVH variant) that can accomplish the same sound, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Sure does! Looking forward to watching the video soon. Keep up the awesome work.
  11. Early Van Halen (as if it weren't beaten to death!) RATT Europe Selfishly I'm terrible at making / matching tones and I just can't figure these out! Singtall- when you release updates to already bought or new packs altogether do you push out an email to the user base? Love your stuff so far!
  12. Guitar1969's tip worked flawlessly, thank you! Sorry for the delay all, haven't had time to fiddle with the Helix lately. I will also be upvoting the Ideascale listed earlier!
  13. I'm unfortunately not able to access the unit, but I am pretty sure it is a free OwnHammer v30, set to standard levels (I don't typically adjust them when they are loaded in). I think its the 1024 setting too. Good points on the IRs clipping it, I will have to check that soon.
  14. Unfortunately already set to instrument on the send/returns. Anything else I can try? Edit: tried placing the looper before the IR and it's gone. Is this going to be a case by case thing? While it's passable it doesn't help if I need to record what comes after the IR on the looper.
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