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Found 10 results

  1. Hi ! I'm considering to create a live rig around the HX FX I like very much. I'd like to add some longer cables. My question is : Is the HX FX buffered or high impedance output ?
  2. Can someone tell me/show me how to get Billy Sheehans tone from this video or from the song "addicted to that rush." All help will be much appreciated!!!
  3. So after updating to 2.91 I was trying to put some of the snapshots in the stomp box mode and I noticed that if I tried to put a snapshot on switch 4, the bottom left button, the LED would not work however the commands worked fine where as Switches 2 and 5 worked like normal with the same settings.... Am I doing something wrong or is it supposed to work like that for some reason?
  4. 1. mad professor mighty red distortion 2. suhr riot 3. Marshall jackhammer (JH-1) 4. mesa boogie throttle box distortion pedal 5. fender mtg tube distortion 6. angry charlie P.S. Overdriver pedal too many ! Distortion pedal too little !
  5. Hi! Any experience with a following combo: EVH 5150III 100W head & HX Effects. Mainly the channel switching options. I read that the 100W-version is an oddball and does not actually support midi even though the FS connection is similar. I also found out that there are adapter cables out there that could fix this. So, if I buy this 7 pin to 5 pin adapter-cable, can the HX Effects change the channels for me or do I need an external switcher, e.g. RMJ Amp Gizmo or similar?
  6. Hi there ! I'm considering to use the 4CM (4 cables method). That's for the 4CM and the switching capabilities that I bought the HX in the first place. I understand 4CM method very well. "Send" is used to send guitar signal to amp input. "Retrn1" is used to receive Preamp signal back from the amp. Out is used to send the effected signal to the POWER amp. This is clear and well documented but I have a concern with LEVEL settings : In the manual, it said that the Send/Retrn1 may be setup to accommodate either Instrument or Line level FxLoop. It's cool but in case of the 4CM, if your amp has a non-buffered loop, one part (send) should be setup to "Instrument" and the other should be setup to "Line". Of course this is not possible as send and return have to be setup together. What do you think of this problem ? Have you ever heard of a it ? Any workaround to suggest (except using a buffered loop!) ???
  7. Hi there ! I'm new owner/ user of the HX. Discovering. It seems easy to program. Good tone. I did all the updates. Well I feel factory presets are unsuable. I'm used to ear factory presets on FX gear having to much FX, but there it is barely usable. The advantage is that it pushed me to start programing from the beginning ! I've read somewhere that the presets may be corrupted. What do you think about this ?
  8. Hi there, I'm considering using instant access in order to assign external amp setting changes. I've read there are up to 6 instant access to choose from. Once my instant access configured, how can I assign them to presets ? My aim is to be able to change amp settings depending on the preset.
  9. hi. Connecting two expression pedals to my hx effects will cause an operation error. The input value works twice every time the pedal is moved once, and the factory reset is the same. Of course I also changed the expression pedal and changed the cable. This is good for the volume pedal function, but only for the wah pedal(exp1). If you know how to solve this problem, please ask for an answer. Thank you.
  10. Hi there ! I know about IR as a mean to create cabinet simulation. I can't see how it applies to the HX effect. Is acoustic IR way to simulate typical acoustic guitar response ? For example, is an acoustic IR intended to simulate an acoustic guitar response from an electric ? Do you use acoustic IR ? what kind of usage ?
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