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  1. not too sure on how to set up the wah.... I don't use it on the HX Effects..... BUT...... if they could get the SP1 with the switch to work like it does with the HX Stomp I'd be using the wah for sure! Come on Line6.... make this happen... it would make the HX Effects that much better IMO
  2. it works with the HX Stomp but right now not the HX Effects...
  3. MarcG28

    The "Show your HX Effects pedalboard" thread

    so.... got the new CS12 today, wired it up to power my entire board... and no issues, everything boots in the correct order... so that was a happy surprise!
  4. MarcG28

    Don't use One Spot CS12 to Power HX Effects

    UPDATE I got in contact with True Tone and they sent me a new CS12 to replace my older one.... seems it is a version issue.... long story short, just rewired my board with the new one and everything looks like it's working perfectly.. I'm still going to be cautious and keep the Line Power supply with me in my gig bag but.... looks like it's all good now.....