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  1. Hello, Could anyone advise me on the following please; Is it possible to connect my guitar to my POD HD500 and then connect that to the Firehawk 1500 and utilise the Firehawk as a speaker system without using an amp of any kind. ? If so which of the xconnections on the back of the Firehawk do I use.? Thanks, Derek B
  2. Hello, Could anyone help with this please. The tuner function on my Firehawk amp does not seem to be working to the usual 440Hz. When I tune my guitar using my Boss tuner which is set to 440Hz, and then check that tuning against the amp tuner the amp shows the tuning to be slightly lower than the Boss. The Boss I feel is correct as it comes up correct when I'm playing with backing tracks. Is there any way of checking the amp tuner settings as they are clearly not set to 440Hz and if so how do I do it ?. Thanks, Derek B
  3. In response to Treyrhodes query re documentation for the Firehawk 1500, I have had exactly the same problem since buying my Firehawk 1500. He is absolutely right when he queries why there is no additional documentation giving detailed operations on the Firehawk. The Users Guide is ok as far as it goes but there is so much more that the user needs to know. There are little or no videos available telling you how to do things and nothing on You Tube either to help- quite a few on the Firehawk but nothing on the 1500 amp. Line 6 seem to assume that you don't need anything other than the supplied User Guide and if you do then find it out for yourself. However Line 6 are not alone with this thinking. I recently bought an American made motorcycle helmet comms and had exactly the same problem-i.e. the User guide was ok as far as it went but there were many questions that were not covered. This seems to be the way things are going. So please Line 6, lets have a Piots Guide that explains everything including examples of how to do things. We are not all computer or Line 6 experts. Derek B.
  4. Hello, Could anyone advise me on the following please. Is it possible to connect an MP3 player or CD player to the Firehawk 1500 to play backing tracks etc and if so what connections on the rear of the amp do I use.? I appreciate that I can play backing tracks using my Android phone, but wondered if it is possible to connect an MP3 player as above. Thanks, Derek B.
  5. Hello, Could anyone advise me of the procedure for saving a tone from Tone Search into my amp. Using my tablet, I select a tone using Tone Search and it transfers into my amp. It is then that my problem starts as having downloaded a tone into a User bank, if I then select another user bank, I lose the tone I have just downloaded. I have gone thro all the sections of the app both left and right of the page, tried My Tones, Tone info etc but just don't seem to be able to write the selcted tone into the amp so it remains there if I change any of the settingss, banks etc. Thanks, Derek B
  6. Hello, Could anyone help me with the following please. When I select a tone using Cloud, it comes up on the amp display ok and works fine but I can't fathom out how to Save it to one of my presets. At the moment, having downloaded a tone and it appoearing on the amp display, if I then change the preset I lose it. How do I save the tone so it remains in the preset. Thanks, Derek B
  7. Thanks for the replies to my query. I will however take issue with Uber Guru who refers to pages 8 and 9 of the user guide. My Pilots Guide does not have any page numbering at all so I suppose we have to count frfom the beginning do we ?. Secondly as usual I think the page he refers to headed Firehawk Remote Mobile Application, does not in any shape or form explain how to access the Cloud and haviong done that load your selected tones, it simply says in A. Menu/Back Button- Tap to reveal the slide out Main Menu . The next section in the book shows the Cloud Search and just tells you to search for tones from the ever growing Line 6 cloud. Again there is no mention of exactly how you access these to get them into your amp. I am not a Line 6 expert and am new to using a tablet or android/IPhone for editing etc, perhaps you are an expert or fully conversant with Line 6 products and these instructions are adequate but for me they are not., To go even further, I tried accessing the looper function but was unable to do it, looking on the forum it seems that the only way to do that is by using a foot controller ie. the FBV3. No where can I find any mention of this in the Pilots Guide !. Line 6 also got the Factory Reset instructions wrong !. Do I need to go on ?. When I buy a product and spend alt of money on it I expect there to be adequate instructions so that everyone no matter what skill or knowledge level they have is catered for. The Pilots Guide for the Firehawk 1500 does not fit that criteria. I am fortunate to have a very good Yamaha arranger keyboard, the book of instructions that came with that covers everything and is exactly what customers want. LIne 6 is now owned by Yamaha why can't they do the same ?. Derek B
  8. Thanks to Gear Head for the reply to my query. Once again this re-inforces my complaint regarding the lack of information and examples shown in the Pilots Guide for my Firehawk amp. I'm impressed with the amp totally unimpressed with the back-up supplied by Line 6. As a customer who has spent a considerable amount of my hard-earned cash on their products I do not think it is expecting too much to have information about every aspect of it either in the book or on-line. If they don't want to go to the expense or trouble of including it in the Pilots Guide then at least put it all on-line so we can print it out if required. I've already sent queries to the Tech at Line 6 Europe 4 times asking for help and posted 3 queries on the forum and I've only had it about a month!. Had all the information been in the Pilots Guide or avaialable on-line both I and Line 6 Tec would have saved a great deal of time and effort. Derek B
  9. Hello, Sorry if I sound a bit dumb but could anyone explain how I access the user tones in Cloud using my Android Tablet and Firehawk 1500 ?. Thanks, Derek B
  10. Hello, Could anyone advise me on the following please. Am trying to use Workbench for the first time but when I open up the program, the top left hand corner shows "no connection" and whatever I do I can't seem to get the program to recognise my JTV/ My connections are as follows; Interface connected to JTV and the other end to USB socket on my PC. 1/4" cable from JTV to amp. Headphones into phone socket on amp. I have tried removing both the Monkey and Workbench programs and re-installing them but that hasn't worked. I have also tried threatening my PC with violence but that hasn't worked either. Any ideas ? Just one more thing, the interface has a continuous Green light on the USB end and a flashing Red light on the Variax end. I presume that in order for things to work I need a Green light on both ends of the interface. Thanks. Derek B
  11. Hello, Thanks to those who replied to my query regarding me being unable to remove the interface cable from my JTV. After much jiggling and swearing at it I finally got it out. Regards, Derek B.
  12. Hello, Could anyone help me with this please . Just connected my JTV to my PC using the supplied interface with the intention of playing around with Workbench for the first time. When I came to disconnect my interface cable from my Variax I was unable to remove the connection. I don't have any trouble removing the Variax to amp connection , I simply press down on the metal clip and whilst holding it down just pull out the plug. That however does not work with the interface cable- I just can't move it. Any ideas anyone ?. Obviously I now can't use the Variax until I get this damned thing out. Thanks, Derek B.
  13. Hello, Can anyone help with the procedure for using the looper function on the Firehawk 1500 ?. Can't seem to get mine to work using the app on my tablet. As usual with Line 6 the Pilots Guide is ok as far as it goes but for simpletons like me they should think about providing more information on some of the functions. I can't be the only one who has experienced problems through lack of information. line 6 seem quite happy for their customers to find out stiff for themselves. I thought I read somewhere that in order to use the looper you need the footpedal- presumably that is the FBV3 !. Thanks, derek B.
  14. Hello, Could anyone help me with the procedure for namimg and then saving an edited preset using an Android Tablet. Thanks, Derek B
  15. Can anyone tell me the procedure for naming and then saving a preset that I have edited in my Line 6 Firehawk 1500. Once again as a newcomer to Line 6 products, the Pilots Guide that came with my amp is ok as far as it goes but lacks loads of information such as how to do the above !!. Why don't Line 6 give you all the info you are likely to need either in the Pilots Guide or in the form of an on-line instructional site. If they did that I would not have to keep quering things which would save myself and Line 6 alot of time. Thanks, Derek B
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