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  1. Can these be purchased from the United States?
  2. So I'm picking up a used LT and was wondering, for warranty purposes, what date it was manufactured. Anybody have any insight?
  3. OK great thanxx. I usually just download all of the separate items and then install them. I am not a fan of auto up-daters. I don't even have the LT yet, its inbound on order.
  4. Specifically the 2.71 firmware, I attached the error below. It happens using Chrome or Firefox browsers. Only Firefox gives the error message though, Chrome just wont download anything. I was also wondering if I download the latest firmware does that include all the past updated amp models and effects as well? firmware error.docx
  5. Nope still isnt fixed. Turning it off in Apple IOS settings worked but is a stoopid work around.
  6. Would bee great to put like a * in the search field and it would give all the tones on there. Or maybe the word all.
  7. Be interesting to see what is all on there in case a patch or tone might catch the eye and be interesting. Is there like a set of characters that could be entered into the search bar for this??
  8. They just got a major update with a metric $hit ton of new stuff!! Wish some of the older units could see some love like this.
  9. Any chance of some updates for the Pod HD series??? Amps or effects maybe??
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