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  1. in order to bypass the preamp section of the amp? I am consideing buying the HD500X but I am wondering if people have had great results doing this. I have a Jet City combo with an effects loop that I would be using.
  2. M JTV59 has the same problem. Palm-muting the low E in Variax mode is a no-go. Next string change I am going to try nickel strings (DR Pure Blues) which are supposely less bright. I am curious to see if this fixes the issue. Last week I rolled back to Variax version 1.9 and the problem went away, but yesterday I reflashed to 2.21 because the models sound better overall.
  3. Thanks for the info. I get to join another forum. Goody! lol. I would like to keep 1.9 until rehearsal Thursday night. If I am happy I'll keep it for now, if not I'll try your set-up and report back.
  4. Tell me more about this. Does it affect all PU configurations of Spank? Would I save it to the custom preset? How do I hook it up? There if no file on that page.
  5. If you were addressing my post, I wasn't talking about the dynamics between different guitars, but rather the output of the B and hi E strings on some of the models.
  6. After reading this thread, I have to agree with those that feel spank and some other models have an incredibly week B and high E string. When playing with my band these strings vanish in the mix, and that is with me reducing the string volumes for all the other strings and boosting the output and volume if the pickups. I figured I just had very weak piezos on these strings, but I now see that it appears to be the version of the software. My JTV59 is new, and shipped with the HD models. Last night I decided to roll back to 1.9. It seems to make a big difference volume-wise with the B and high E strings. Also, the annoying "plinking" sound when palm-muting the low E has disappeared. I haven't really put anything through its paces until I play with the rest of the band, so Thursday night will provide me with more insight as to whether or not I like 1.9 better than 2.1.
  7. Sorry you got a wrecked guitar. I got my tobacco at Sweetwater for WAY less than what AMS is telling you. The crack in the neck could have happened during shipping, so I wouldn't necessarily blame AMS for that.
  8. Ok. I just went through the clunky process of adjusting the string volumes and pickup outputs. The levels are MUCH better now. Thanks for your help guys.
  9. Thanks for the info guys. I will play around with string volumes and pickup outputs and report back.
  10. When I first got my JTV59 last week, I changed the strings, using 9's, and lowered the action a bit. I am not sure if my issue is a string gauge or string height problem, but I am throwing it out there. At rehearsal last week, I noticed my hi e, b and g strings sound weak in comparison to the rest of the strings and in comparison to the magnetic pickups. This is very pronounced on the hi e, especially on single-coil models, but it is there on humbucker models as well. It is at its worse when using a clean tone. I have my string volumes at 100%. I was kind of disappointed to see I could not go above that. Boosting the hi e to 120% may have fixed the problem. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  11. This is my first post. Last week I received a new JTV-59 from Sweetwater, and I am enjoying it very much. Anyway, I have been lurking for awhile and I see that there are some nice people providing some great information. I could use a little help. I am interested in using an A-B box to split my signal... electric guitar models to my amp, or acoustic models to the PA. I saw the "Line 6 Variax Cabled Power Kit", which will work, but I use a wireless for my guitar, so that kit seems like it is too much for my needs. The HD500 would also work, and I just tried it out and liked it very much, but I absolutely love my current modeling amp and effects and will not be changing anytime soon. Ideally, I'd like an A-B box that has a 1/4" out, and an XLR out. It looks like Line 6 used to make one, called a "Variax A/B Swirch". But is no longer available. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/line-6-variax-a-b-switch Are there any A-B boxes that have both 1/4" and XLR outs? If not will using a A-B box with dual 1/4" outs work? What is the difference between using an acoustic model with XLR out verses 1/4" out?
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