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  1. Hi all, Im new to line 6, the Helix and the digital world when it comes to using it to amplify guitars. Keep that in mind when reading my post! Got my Helix the other day, plugged into my studio monitors, all very excited to hear what this device can do... result was awful. Completely disappointed, confused and totally unimpressed. I couldn't believe this was the same unit that I had read so much about... all the glowing reviews brilliant and positive sounding youtube videos. In short, for me, I just thought this thing sounds generally, well... crap. Flicking through the presets made me just think - what is this all about?!... some of the sounds are just weird and plain silly (effects heavy nonsense), others just sounded like the same old digital crap I have heard for so long now. I thought this was supposed to be different!? Some sounds are "OK", pretty passable copies of guitar sounds that you would appreciate and like, but even they are nothing special at all. Can't see a difference from all the digital stuff I have dabbled with then binned in the past - apart from more complicated options. I was saddest most about the total lack of feel. I have read the sentiment of matching the feel as playing through a valve amp. This really confused me. Not even close. Yes the patches clean up as you roll the guitar volume down... big deal. There is so much more to valve "feel" than that. There is zero interaction between your fingers the strings and the sound you hear (to me!) so its totally cold flat and uninspiring to play. I realise I'm in the minority on this one. Coming from valve amps and an old school sound aesthetic perhaps this technology is just a step to far for me. Beyond me. Or maybe its only good for hi gain million notes a second music where feel doesn't really come into it. Very disheartening so before I give up and send it back I wanted to ask for help as all the people that like it versus seemingly very very few who don't must mean its me not the units fault. Could there be factors at play that I don't know about that are making this unit sound/feel less than it should??? After a while trying to understand the unit I plugged into my little Yamaha THR practice amp and revelled in its excellent response and tone that seemed heightened after playing through the Helix. Any help or words of wisdom would be appreciated by this dense luddite!
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