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  1. Hi @jbgourmethave you had luck? I run my guitar/bass to the VL3 and use the 1/4Through on VL3 to send to Helix. I use Midi to sync a lot more other features. You could map some buttons on the Helix to operate the VL3's looper if you're not using all your buttons on you Helix. Would be more than glad to help you figure out your setup. I know what that's like! : ) Here is my setup
  2. @jaymnkelly Once I've selected my vocal effects for a particular song, I use lightning settings to select a preset when I've selected a preset on my helix. I've also used my Helix to turn on or off any effects on the voice live so I can control my devices on one unit instead of two. What are you trying to accomplish? I can try to point you in the right direction.
  3. Hi, don't have videos, meaning to get around to making some. What would you like to see specifically? I'll try to answer any questions I can.
  4. Thanks for posting pics of your pedal board. Mine is nearly finished but borrowed your setup ideas and tracked down cables like the ones you used. 


  5. Bass/Guitar. Wireless Mic. Wireless guitars. Voicelive 3- Extreme. Backtracks. MIDI. Single Power source. TempleAudio. Strymon. Questions?
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