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  1. I bought the Helix Native and not able to install it. I downloaded the installer, and when I double clikk on it, a window with this message. pops up: “Helix Native.pkg” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. I do not have any virus program on my computer. (Macbook pro MacOS Catalina). I even tried to turn internet off. It also says the software needs to be updated at Line 6, but I clicked on the newest version after I purchased it, I dont know what to update, there is no newer version of it on Line 6.I just bought this 5 days ago. I have a support ticket, but no answer. Please help...
  2. Wow! Noone to help! Thanks
  3. Anybody please help! I'd like to hook up this 2 units,(Helix LT & Voicelive3 extreme ) so I can control vocal harmonies with my guitar. another word: so VL3 would recognize the chords I am playing thru Helix (using Helix effects for guitar, and also using VL3 for looping). What I need to know is how to connect these units with cables and how to set them both internally to work together. Please use a simple explanation as I am new to these equipments and have a limited knowledge of the terns and language that the user manuals gave. I am ready to gave up on both, as none of the support people would give a clear answer. Very frustrating. Thanks ahead!
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