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  1. thats fine if you never takes it out of the house on a regular basis,or have the luxury of taking as long as you like to set-up and pack down! I'm in a similar position to one of the other replies where i have a few pedals that cover ground the helix doesnt,less hassle if they are where they need to be and i can just power up and plug in.
  2. hmmm needs to be solid enough to deal with airport luggage throwers-i have a bag for around town jams but if im going by plane ill need something a bit more sturdy .
  3. hi all,looking at hitting the road this year and as my helix is my foundation bit of gear im gonna need a sturdy case for it. What are some of you using in the same situation? id rather not go MASSIVZE like a PT pro, but perhaps it would be good to have space for one or two outboard pedals as i use it for vox/bass and guitar. cheers!
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