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  1. Hi, Hi Pino, can you share where you got the usb port from/specific model? One of the little pins on my hx stomp was squashed into the port a couple weeks back. I'm assuming it was me putting the cable in as i dont know how else this would happen. I've straightened them out and it will work provided i dont press any buttons, slightest move and it disconnects from the pc. I'm assuming the below pic is the tabs which need to be soldered for removal/reinstall and all the input jacks need to be removed along with the knobs on the top of the unit?
  2. Gday, Logged ticket today on an issue which recently started with HX Edit / HX Stomp (connected to a win10 desktop via usb). When changing patches using HX edit, the stomp stops receiving input. If I go into the tuner, and hit a string there's nothing registering on the screen. I figured this would check whether it's input or output which has stopped. Once I restart the stomp, the input/output returns just fine. This happens on the built in patches and the custom patches I have created. The stomp is running fw 2.7 and I'm sure I was able to change patches with HX edit a week or two ago. The problem does not happen if i use the footswitches to change patches nor my midi controller I'm thinking I should perhaps uninstall/reinstall HX Edit, change the usb port/cable etc. Will update the forum when i get a response from the ticket
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