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  1. Gday, Logged ticket today on an issue which recently started with HX Edit / HX Stomp (connected to a win10 desktop via usb). When changing patches using HX edit, the stomp stops receiving input. If I go into the tuner, and hit a string there's nothing registering on the screen. I figured this would check whether it's input or output which has stopped. Once I restart the stomp, the input/output returns just fine. This happens on the built in patches and the custom patches I have created. The stomp is running fw 2.7 and I'm sure I was able to change patches with HX edit a week or two ago. The problem does not happen if i use the footswitches to change patches nor my midi controller I'm thinking I should perhaps uninstall/reinstall HX Edit, change the usb port/cable etc. Will update the forum when i get a response from the ticket
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