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  1. Oh that’s great! Going to try it. Thank you !
  2. Hi Silverhead, Would you mind telling me more about how I can download Helix presets on the FX? I've tried and failed - getting a message along the lines of "not compatible". What do I need to look for or change (if I can) before trying to load? Than you, Silverhead, Ben
  3. Hello Line 6 forum users! I am thinking of returning the HX Effects I bought a couple weeks back and replacing it either with a Pod Go or Stomp XL. i am basically trying to have a simple set up with an effects unit into a Tone Master Deluxe Reverb. All I want is to be able to have a preset per songs I play and a couple basic other tones when I go off repertoire. I play rock (Beatles, Stones, Queen, Led Zeppelin , AC/DC, Oasis, Coldplay+ Chili Peppers) + reggae + grunge (Nirvana, Offspring) The HX FX seemed ideal but it turns out there aren’t many presets out there to download « per song » and I don’t have the skills to really dial in a tone per song. So I’m thinking of going to PodGo or HX Stomp which have a much deeper community and vendors online. i love the organic feel of the Tone Master and would ideally use the PG or Stomp as pedalboards with amp simulation off. I don’t need complex routing or effects, just good song based patches that I can tweak a bit to sound good with my amp. I have a wah pedal already (so neutral on that between PG and Stomp) and may buy a pedal to get more Marshall like tones as part of the setup. what would you say is the way to go or the pros/cons of the two units given my goal? Thank you! Ben
  4. Hello, I just got my HX effects, super excited. When I look around online I don't see many presets - it seems everything is made for the HX Stomps which also use HX Edit. So my question is: Can we use presets for HX Stomp with HX Effects? Thank you! Ben
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