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  1. I don't think it is posible, at least Line 6 develops a new firmware that allows this and a lot of other changes of customization (more user tones, for example). Regards,
  2. I found an Excel spreadsheet with only the names an order of the presets. But, if you are looking for its configurations, I can´t find nothing about that. I still don't understand why Line 6 don't give that information or upgrades the list of user tones to play some popular songs. Regards.
  3. Anton There is no way to download tones from internet and load it to the SJ using SD card or any other way. You must to edit it manually. Looks here: That is all that I found in internet about this issue. I am very disappointed about it too. I've created one tone for each Amp Model, with the following values: Drive: 0, Bass, Mid, Treble in the middle, Chorus Flange: off, Delay: off and Reverb: off too. I guess is a good way to start to create tones by myself. Good luck!
  4. How can I get that sound fot my Spider Jam? Sounds great!
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