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  1. Hi, on the one hand, I have an idea for a new Line6 extended looper in a Shortboard MKII design. On the other hand, I'm looking for the values I have to select in order to use my Shortboard MKII with the looper from my Spider Jam amp and a connected Macbook via USB. Can anyone tell me what values I have to choose in the MIDI programming tool? Which program do you suggest as a reliable one for performing on stage? Please consider the attached file, especially the lower part of the picture. Best, Anton
  2. Again: Dear Support Team! Please don't stop implementing separate mic and guitar inputs, ain't nobody needs pedal boards with poor loop functions. Come on, you know, business is hard, give Duos which could offer a lot more with the right amp a chance! Much love for all the artists! Anton
  3. Sorry for the question, but where are the Reggae, Soul and Jazz playalongs on the Spider Jam amp? I found exactly one Jazz tune, one Motown-Wanna-be-Soul and absolutely no Reggae, Latin or Cuban records? Oh dear, don't get me wrong, but from my point of view 80% of the recorded Playalongs are Punk, Heavy Metal and a kind of Rock sub-genre... I'm thankful for the Blues which encounters from time to time, but where is even Pop? Is there a chance to download other tracks from Line 6 or do I have to record everything on my own or download instrumentals to a 2 GB card? Cheers! Anton
  4. Unfortunately, none of Spider IV or Amplifi amps have separate inputs for mic and guitar, right?
  5. Dear, Support Team! Can you provide an update for the Spider Jam amp, please? This Update should contain another user mode for the Shortboard MKII, because nobody needs a half time function on the D stomp. Better make it possible to switch between "Guitar" and "Mic/Aux" as a looping source on the D-Stomp. Further on, it would be awesome if you could give "Function 2" a function. As an example: It should be usable as an extended looper function. Let's say, it should be possible to individually program all the stomps when using function 2 or at least make it possible to switch on/off single looping tracks or at least regulate the volume of recorded loops with the pedal. There are so many stomps there with functions assigned, nobody needs when working with the looper. I'd rather use the stomps for changing banks (on function 2-mode) for changing looping layers and give the other stomps a function when looping. I bought the amp together with the board in order not to use a computer for looping on stage. You do not mention in the shortboard's description that one cannot assign the stomps individually when connected to the Spider Jam. I don't know who designed the looping function on the shortboard when connected to the amp, but I'm sure, this person didn't experience it for too long -.- Best! Anton
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