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    Use Audacity but the file needs to be changed to mono before working and saving it to wav. Converts beautifully to .wav files which can then be put onto the SD. Audacity is free.
  2. Blubarb

    Just bought this amp; couple questions

    As for that annoying, to me anyway, flashing timer light - get out the black gaffer tape and tape a small piece of cardboard (or other) to make a flap to cover.
  3. Blubarb

    Spider Jam Not Working - No Guitar Sound

    Did you ever resolve this problem?
  4. Blubarb

    Convert .jam File To .wav Or Mp3/mp4

    G'day Brazzy et al. Not sure but I wonder if Audacity will do the trick. Brilliant for MP3 to .wav.
  5. Blubarb

    Spider Jam Buzz Nothing plugged In

    Mine buzzes when it is first turned on, for about 2 or 3 seconds then stops. I am waiting for this to become a problem.
  6. Blubarb

    Always restarting while saving to SD Card

    Still having this problem? Have you tried another SD card or re-formatting through a desktop via a reader then again on SJ?
  7. Blubarb

    Playing tracks directly from an SD card?

    Thanks Just Startin'. When I follow that process I get the message "Internal disk full" followed by "insufficient space".
  8. Spider Jam's memory, as I have come to find out, doesn't hold much (in terms of songs saved as .wav files) tranferred from an SD card to the recordings. Not sure of available memory size (let me know if you do know). Right now I have only fit 5 relatively small recorded music tracks/files saved into SJ. I am wondering if there is a known way to play selected recordings from the SD card directly. Cheers John
  9. Blubarb

    Latest Spider Jam firmware

    Cheers, mate.
  10. Blubarb

    Latest Spider Jam firmware

    Is 2.09 the latest firmware?
  11. Blubarb

    Play without presets?

    Thanks, Brazzy. Your a champ!
  12. Blubarb

    Play without presets?

    Hey, Brazzy. Thanks for that. Not sure about where you mentioned Aux in the first part - am I missing something? Cheers
  13. Blubarb

    Play without presets?

    Hi. Sorry for such a basic question, but is it possible to use the Spider Jam in raw, "clean" form, that is, without any programmed tones/ preset sound/tone?
  14. Blubarb

    Internal Disk Full Error

    For those interested. The internal memory allows up to 24 minutes of music.
  15. Blubarb

    Internal Disk Full Error

    Hi all, I am beginning to get an "Internal Disk Full" message when trying to import from card. I have 10 backing tracks on the saved recordings - Can anyone tell me how much space is allocated to the internal disk? Also what is the apostrophe attached to my files after I import them to the internal disk, eg Lead'wav instead of lead.wav (actually the apostrophe is more of a short forward slash) They look like this under recordings after being imported: Wav:trackname'1 I am using an iMac to export data to the SD card, is it possible that this might be the reason for the "apostrophe" like symbol? Thanks in advance. John