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  1. Oh yeah! I think that Line6 must fix it in next software update (if hardware possible)).
  2. Oh nice! I'm going to this topic for say exactly same solution!!! And see here your answer ;-) Tanks man, thanks everybody, who asking me! Problem is solwed. Use other brand of OLD SD Card)). For who searching, i buying my working Card here: http://www.buyincoins.com/item/1329.html#.VXHCELZdarU Maybe it help you.
  3. Thank you for reply! Yes, still have this problem. When i formatting the card in PC, THE FILE SYSTEM IS FAT32, but still restarting Spider Jam... When firmatting via Jam, the filesystem is FAT. So, i'll thy to find another card and maybe 1 Gb only?
  4. Still can't fix the problem. Always restarting. Can anybody help?? :o
  5. Hello everyone. I need help. The problem is that Spider Jam 75W Always restarting, when i want do any thing with SD Card (Software updating, saving, formatting - everything). This is 2Gb brand (Smart Buy). Is this problem can be solved? Thanks.
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