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  1. Hey man thank you so so much. I wasn't expecting such a detailed reply, but it is really appreciated! I will definitely start experimenting with an EQ and leaving the cab on.
  2. I've bought a Pod Go some time ago and I can get pretty awsome tones through my headphones. But when I run it through my cabinet, the same preset (with the cabinets turned off) sounds really different and I can't get a really good tone out of it. I use the 'amp out' output into the fx loop return of a bandamp meteor, which is plugged into a Randall 4x12 XL (on the back of the bandamp it says min. 8 ohms and it is plugged into the 16 ohm input of the cab with a good speaker cable). Is it the poweramp of the bandamp that makes it sound so different, or is it just the 'amp in the room' sound that throws me off? Or even something different? Can anybody help my?
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