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  1. I have a Pod Go and a very clean sounding Bugera 50W tube amp. The amp is very clean sounding. I play both jazz (clean sound) and jamming rock, ala Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, Santana, Clapton. I am looking for some advice on some settings on how to get both the super clean sound AND a very driven sound in the same Preset so I can switch between them in the same song. The challenge is the driven tones - looking for that tube "saturatuated" sound, like it is just about to break up, but doesn't. Alot of power behind a single string note, deep, resonant, sustained like Garcia, Allman, Santana. Not distortion, tube saturation. I have tried some of the drivers, but those alone don't provide the depth and power I am looking for. I want to also have a few blocks left over for other effects, so don't want to use all 4 blocks for this. And, want to be able to turn it on and off to mix the clean jazz and the more forceful jamming. Any thoughts suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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