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  1. I found it by myself but anyway, it is a very tricky menu... Additionally, I don't like to do so many clicks to overwrite the current preset, if you count them there are like 5 clicks for only one required action... is there a keyboard shortcut to save the patch? if no.... please Line 6 add the shortcut to save the current preset.. it is so basic but very import for easy editing.
  2. Hello Team. Coming form POD Go, I use 1/4" cables to connect the POD's "Balanced/Unbalanced outputs" to my ROKIT 5 studio monitors. However, I'm new to the HELIX and, as you know, now I have two outputs "Balanced XLR" and "Unbalanced 1/4" so my question is, may I use my 1/4" balanced cables to connect the Helix to my studio monitors? is there any "sound quality loss" for using the Helix's unbalanced output with balanced cables straight to my balanced input in the monitors? As far I had used it, they will work ok, but I would like to know if I 'm missing something... Thank you. Hernan
  3. Hello, after lots of videos and reviews I really like your job with the IRs and presets, wonderful job you have done!!.


    As a new Helix owner, besides the “Big Pack”, what would be a recommended pack to get a bunch of different tones and drives that can give some flexibility? I would like one that has been updated recently. 


    Thank you. 

  4. What fremen preset pack do you have? any preset bundle as a recommendation?
  5. Do you have like a plastic or "something cover" over the helix for protection? Thank you.
  6. Hello, have anyone tried this? Amazon.com: M-Audio EX-P | Universal Expression Pedal for Keyboards, MIDI Keyboards/Controllers and Supported Guitar Effects Pedals: M-Audio: Musical Instruments I really like mission engineering expression pedals, but $30 vs $140 is a big difference... Thank you.
  7. What do you think about the LT + Mission EP1 L6 versus Floor? https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/EP1L6Bk--mission-engineering-inc-ep1-l6-expression-pedal-for-line-6-product-black-finish
  8. Absolutely true!! Thank you...
  9. you know what??? you are God dam right!!! Thank you for your reply.
  10. Thank you both. What about wait 6 moths or a year waiting for a "new" Helix??
  11. Thank you Rd2rk. Having in mind that I do no care to much for the extra outputs and the preamp mic of the Floor, but I really like the solid construction, at least it seems "better" or like "more tank" than the LT to me. Would you recommend me to pay the extra $500 for the floor or the LT would be fine. Any advice/suggestion would be appreciated.
  12. I'm having like a USD discount for the floor in a HELIX Floor or LT dated as a 2020 units. Is the Helix hardware the same between 2020 and 2021 or something may have changed in the construction of the unit? Should I take the deal or pay the extra for a 2021 unit? Thank you in advance. Hernan.
  13. Thank you for the time to reply. I understood very well the problem and the workaround. The 3% or 5% threshold will work for me.
  14. Hello. Can anyone please, tell me if it is possible to turn on/off the wah block from my chain with the movement or "some switching" in the helix floor with the Mission L6 EP1 expression pedal connected to the Exp2 Jack? Thank you in advance.
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