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  1. Hey, I love your helix patches i found but was wondering how i can acquire these IR's you reccomend?  


    L-HLWN-22-MARS-GREEN-Marshall greenbacks down

    Celestion G12T-75 412 C Hi-Gn All Celestio-MArshall T75

    IR OH 112 DLXVRB C12R OH2-M+.

  2. Unknown souce... but at least is something:
  3. Just for let you know... In mi case, according to my "room", my preferred POD placing spot is to my left and I play sitting in front of my PC. I had found that I should be blocking my own signal. If I move the pod to my right (the side where the transmitter is), there is not dropouts or they reduce at minimum. This results reinforce my idea that the wireless router is not the problem, maybe it contribute in some way to weak the signal but I I'm able to practice moving the POD few meters (right) in the SAME room.
  4. Anyone form Line6 who can illustrate us? Couldn't find the technical specs for the IRs on the POD Go manual. Thank you...
  5. Hello Guys. When you get any IR package, specially if you pay for a pack, you get different folder like for 200 ms, 500ms, each of them can have different sample rates (44.1 KHz, 48 KHz, 88.2 KHz, 96 KHz, ...) used for the IR creation. I'm wondering what would be the best file (phase+same rate) to work with the POD Go Wireless. I'm using 200 ms and 48 KHz but I would like to be certain about the "right" or at least, expected file, to use with my POD. Thank you in advance.
  6. I will try to test playing in another room different than the one with the router inside. Honestly, I already said this but currently is almost impossible to get a "clean" channel for pod go operation in any place. just turn on the Wi-Fi in your phone an count how many available networks you get. I will let my comments on this thread with my results later...
  7. Morning Guys! Is anyone having issues with the signal on their wireless cutting in and out? Thinking it can just be the room where I play/study, nowadays is it almost impossible to get a "clean"/"dedicated" channel for the POD Go. Wi-Fi routers and even phones sharing their signals are very common in any venue. Would just love to hear possible solutions or even some direction on how to set up the RF channel on the POD GO wireless. Currently, I'm being sadly been forced to get back to the 1/4 inch cable (not to mention the impedance "problem"...) :'( Thank you in advance for any comment or suggestion.
  8. Thank you Mr. freemen. Quick question here: as a licensed "Djent & Pro-Metal pack" user, may I get the new presets? (and how?) Thanks.
  9. I solve my problem like this on Windows 10: Close POD Go Edit. Go to "C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Line 6\". Remove the PurchasesV2.dat. Open POD Go Edit. Authenticate to line6 with the authorized user. The PurchasesV2.dat file now is recreated. Load your purchased tones to your POD Go. Enjoy! Best.
  10. Used a couple of times without problems... however... not sure what might happen in the long term... Here you go!! :D POD Go-6 blocks free.pgp
  11. I would be in to work on a shared excel or list to build the preset list and it's characterization mentioned in the 2)... If you want to do it in this "collaborative" way... please contact me at Hernan
  12. Hi team, has anyone found the factory preset names list as a text o .xlsx file?? Thank you in advance.
  13. Absolutely agree with you, it is a strange design to me... anyway it is good to understand it and the stereo effects loss due to this config.
  14. Hi Guys, I'm kind of late but... following the Amp Out Source logic, should the Cab/IR setup as my last block, shouldn't id? I mean, if I left the cab/IR in another block you will lose something (any block after it) in your amp return. Am I right? Thank you.
  15. Hello team. When I found a good preset template, for instance in custom tone, then I make some final customization.. at the end I would like to compare the differences between the original and the edited presets, is it possible to compare or to detect changes between two presets in pod edit? Thank you.
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