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  1. Hi, So here’s the thing. Loving the pod go and replacing my massive and heavy valve rig. But I seem to have to have a button assigned to the effects loop which I don’t use and no big deal DSP and all that. But...I keep pressing it accidentally live and without anything in the loop it just kills me. silence. Great for a mute if you want it but not mid solo! Can I do anything from preventing this happening without sticking something in the loop that I don’t need or desire? It’s been a serious issue. advice appreciated
  2. Thanks I bought a headrush FRFR-112 on your recommendation and it’s much better thanks
  3. Hi after many hours of setting up presets without touching the global eq I messed about with the global eq to see what difference it made and in doing so and ruined my patches (and the presets) so turned the unit off without saving to reset but was horrified to discover the global eq settings remained! I have no idea what the previous ones were and no I didn’t back it up because I didn’t think I had too without committing the changes to memory by saving? But it seems it auto saved any changes made to global eq! This has ruined my evening to say the least. Does anyone know what the stock default global eq settings are so I can revert them?
  4. But I don’t mess about with the fiddly settings on the pod go. I just use the amps eq. Who knew!
  5. Only way it works for me is into front of amp and using amps eq. Sounds like crud through the effects return without IR (and total mess with IR as you would expect) and yes I’ve played with it. Into front of amp is waaay better than into effects return. Which it shouldn’t be. Really. But it is. Once you know this happy days I’m having fun.
  6. Appreciate the response. I think it’s a really well designed unit and am trying to be positive but...Amp out sounds the same as main out (with cab off) and both sound poor into my amps effects return. It sounds better into the front of the amp to my ears into the clean channel with a bit of amp eq but still nothing like as good as the demos on YouTube etc. Somewhat fizzy, electronic and digital sounding rather than organic, nuanced and saturated. I’ve just used the presets so will experiment with my own patches and spend some time trying to dial it in but out of the box it doesn’t sound “not perfect” frankly it sounds quite bad (again to my ears) and this is my first modelling unit I’ve played valve and solid state amps with pedal boards up to this point. And into an amp effects return with the stock presets there’s just no comparison in terms of tone quality. I don’t have a pa or FRFR powered cab unfortunately to compare that.
  7. Thanks I’m a new user so could you just explain how to Set FS2 to turn off the fx loop set by default, and set it to main output level and adjust to taste? Which button would be solo boost in stomp mode?
  8. Is there a simple way of getting a preset or patch to have a simple solo volume boost option without going into snapshots etc? Also will a solo volume boost work on amp out as this is required for monitoring on stage etc.
  9. I’ve spent a week messing around and just can’t get the amp out to sound good at all into the return jack of an amp (with IR off). none of the dynamics are there, lots of artificial noise, sounds very digital not organic and it sounds like there’s a blanket over the amp. I could EQ it specifically for the amp out but that would mess with FOH. I know now it’s not it’s primary function but very disappointed none the less as home use/rehearsal rooms will be my primary use with regular gigs but my main on stage monitoring would be via an amp so this is not a good solution for me. I wonder if the helix has a better amp out in terms of truer representation of FRFR tone?
  10. Yes mate you’re right I see that now and the sound guys yell at me enough as it is! Haha
  11. What I meant is there is nothing else colouring the sound. No amp/cab/speaker/environmental noise or issues. The headphone out should be the truest represent of the sound. Every great album ever recorded was recorded with the artist with a pair of headphones on....and I bet they weren’t all great quality! But I accept your point and hope I have clarified mine.
  12. The store I bought it from said it was on the latest version Phil.
  13. Got one yesterday. Two freezes so far. I’m a gigging musician I can’t have that mid set.
  14. Headphones don’t lie...or shouldn’t. I’m having problems too. Good luck.
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