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  1. Yes, this is the problem I'm having also. Sometimes it won't fully boot up but mostly it's when I'm editing patches. Suddenly I'm stuck and can't do anything else but power off and turn back on again. Whatever sound was on at the time stays on but can't change volume or change the patch or back out of it.
  2. Update to firmware 1.11 did not help. POD Go still freezes in play mode. Is anyone else having this problem?
  3. Thanks for your feedback!
  4. I pre-ordered my POD Go back in February and received it in early May. In the few weeks I've had it it has frozen up at least three times forcing me to turn it off and back on. Once it froze in the initial boot up screen showing the software version and at least twice it has frozen in player mode with the individual lights on. Repeated pushing of the buttons accomplished nothing, the volume pedal did nothing for the was completely locked up. I had to turn if off and back on again. Anybody else having this problem. I have checked for software updates and there are none.
  5. After reading this forum, this sounds like an issue I'm having. Several years ago I bought a midi/usb interface cable by M-Audio. I connected to my POD 2.0 and my Apple Macintosh PowerBook G4. Using Line6 Edit software it worked beautifully! I could edit and save all my sounds on the POD (which is an older POD-purchased around 2000, then bought the chip to upgrade to 2.0). In 2011 I upgraded my laptop to MacBook Pro but, after downloading Monkey and Line6 Edit software, it will not recognize my POD anymore. I can still go back to my old PowerBook and make edits but I'm looking to give that computer away soon and would like to edit on my newer laptop. Any ideas?
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