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  1. Ok Ok, thanks for the help guys, no need to argue more, i'm convinced, but just a little bit annoyed to buy another cable :-/
  2. Are you sure ? what is different between those two cables ? My brother is pretty good in electronic and told me all this cable are the same : a simple converter and it's ok so no need to buy a brand ... you think it's not totally true, M-Audio would be 'more compatible' ? i saw on this page http://line6.com/support/topic/3492-problem-to-connect-the-pod-20-with-a-midi-usb-device/?hl=m-audio&do=findComment&comment=23159 that the last guy seems to have issues even with M-Audio device Just see : Ikar0s Just Startin' Members 2 posts 0 Neutral LocationCzech Republic Posted 15 December 2013 - 09:19 AM Hi again, I won a small battle. Now i try WIN xp and the FLASH memory was upgraded successfully, but the LINE 6 Monkey still doesn't recognize installed version. The probleme with LINE6 Edit still remains. it doesn't recognize my POD2.0. Can somebody help me? THX
  3. Hello everybody, For Xmas, i bought a new cable called USB to Midi (USB2MIDI) with 1 usb male, a small device (converting usb to midi) and 2 midi plug (IN and OUT) like this one : LogiLink Cable USB MIDIhttp://www.amazon.fr/LogiLink-C%C3%A2ble-USB-MIDI-pour/dp/B000XRI3CC and this cable works fine with some software like Reaper, Guitar Pro or MIDI-OX : i can record commands from pod 2.0 with Reaper for instance, or send commands BUT i can't open Line 6 Edit to edit/save/import/export my own effects 1 - I can see other posts with same kind of problem : can't connect to line 6 Edit with LogiLink cable --> M-Audio recommended ok fine but i don't really want to buy another cable 2 - I have already tested my cable with MIDI-OX : seem to work fine : input & output are ok, with Reaper too : i can record when i change something on the pod, then, i can receive what i record previously 3 - My old computer with MIDI /GAME port and old midi cables (no USB) works fine with my POD 2.0, so the pod 2.0 is ok 4 - I have the latest version of Line 6 Edit & Java up to date too... I have also tried some older version of Line 6 Edit just in case ... 5 - Help me please :-) i can see the talented people here ! 6 - I'm french but i can understand English if it's simple :-)
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