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  1. I use it quite a lot, but in a very very subtle way, as it's less boring than a standard delay and if properly setup it can be a lovely sparkly ambient filler. I programmed sort of clone for the Zoia, but still rolled back my HX stomp for now. I did the mistake to jump into this firmware because I was interested in the new clean amp they added...
  2. I confirm Glitch Delay is broken and that's fu**ing annoying. Seems like feedback is either 100% or 0%, so the block is pretty much unusable. When random stuff, unrelated to the firmware, get broken does lollipop me off as you never know if other blocks have been messed up as well, so it makes me nervous with all my own presets stability and consistency. Rolling back (AGAIN).
  3. Im pretty sure he's refereing to the OS tab in the main download section. That list of OS is indeed old as my a**.
  4. I was very tempted to buy two FR12 but the hiss is crazy! Reminds me the same hiss I had/have in the FH1500 coming from the HF driver. Nope for me.
  5. PierM

    New Helix 2

    If people needs their damn pedals to work and look like an iPad, they should probably buy an iPad.
  6. I put a fan in front of my powercabs. Works great.
  7. If there is no enough market demand, make no sense for them to keep a pipeline just to sell a bunch of guitars, nor to start a Variax II project. A production pipeline costs lot of money, and we all know how little Yamaha cares of niches products. Also, the Variax technology is really old, so to me looks like it's the right time to move on. Im not longer using the variax tones, they are thin and lifeless for me these days and software is totally unusable on modern OS, so I dont care much anymore, but still I have to say my JTV 59 has one of the best neck profile and best fretboard feeling I have in my arsenal. Means I will be still using my JTV as a regular guitar for many years to come, and that always been the real bonus of these instruments.
  8. Buy a 60W solderer and a solder sucker and remove the USB socket and all the soldering material from the back of the socket, on the PCB - and see if it does boot. Good luck.
  9. They all sound garbage to me lol.
  10. If this happened out of the blue, I'd contact support.
  11. PierM

    DAW Audio input

    Don't be lazy when asking for help. We need more details about your setup and Helix connections and monitoring system to better help you. Of course what you are reporting doesnt sound right.
  12. Point is Boss is shady with his standards, so they dont clearly states their "raccomended" adapter is a TYPE A TRS. People will just buy a cable looking like it, without knowing the TRS soldering is different, and it wont work. Since the standard is TYPE B, it's very common to buy this last one. I have seen this a million times.
  13. No, isnt that easy. The RC500 doesnt use DIN, but TRS Type A. Standard is Type B, so if OP isnt using a proper TRS to DIN Type A, it will never work.
  14. Have you set the MIDI PC RX correctly? (OFF/USB/MIDI Port/Both) Also remember BOSS uses TRS MIDI Type A, so you need a proper cable adapter otherwise it wont work.
  15. Not sure what you mean, but if you are a musician and want to communicate with l6, this should be the right contact;
  16. I wouldnt connect the Helix USB to an hub. Typical cause of com stability problems.
  17. Because it would need an almost complete re-code. There are solid rumors of a light version of MacOs version that should run in new iPads Pro (starting from the series 6 M2) and live together with the standard iPadOS. Fingercrossed!
  18. HX Stomp is just an another PCB based electronic device, with 99% of the components directly soldered on the board. Unless you have the skills, the experience and proper tools to work with such devices, I wouldnt even try. Isnt exactly like changing a pot in a strat and you risk to create even more damages. :) For a pro this is a very easy task, and shouldnt cost you much. Same with L6 taking care of it, probably a bit more expensive but with extra guarantees that it's gonna be a correct job.
  19. Interesting philosophy. So spending my time to make a video for you, was rude. Asking you to use higher buffers was rude. Suggesting to upgrade all GPU drivers was rude. Suggesting to not unload the plugins, but to act on their mix levels instead to prevent performance inbalance, was rude. Did you even try any of these suggestions? Welcome to my ignore list, enjoy the good company. o/
  20. PierM

    Register Used Gear

    Please do not start multiple threads for the same issue. Yes you can. You just have to contact support and prove you are the new legit owner. The serial will be removed from the previous owner and you'll be able to register on your own account. Happened to me twice. I did sell a bunch of L6 gear without deleting it from my list in the account (I totally forgot), and I've seen those serials were gone from my gear list, couple of weeks after the sell, as per request of the new owner to L6.
  21. Broken encoder. Contact support.
  22. Yes. You just need a L6 account (like this one you are using to post) to access the download function. The gear registration isnt mandatory, but I'd suggest to ask the previous owner to delete that HX Stomp serial from his Account if registered, so that you can register it under your account for assistance and support purposes. You can still add this serial, asking support to L6 and proving you are the new owner of this unit.
  23. To me looks your problem isn't Native, but FL Studio. :) Jokes apart, if the instances are bypassed this will cause a big CPU/RAM spike when you'll turn them on again. Not sure what kind of studio work you are doing, so I cant offer particular suggestions or opinions, but usually I do rather keep all Native instances working, as well as most demanding blocks (like timing blocks, reverbs, delays, pitch etc). I do control both Native instances overall volume (signal mix) and demanding blocks (instead of using bypass I do command their level in the path), via extra controls acting via MIDI, so that I don't create an imbalance in the CPU/RAM when loading/unloading all these elements while working. Also this allow me to keep an eye on the project resource average requirement, avoiding surprises along the way. But again, I don't know FL Studio and depends what kind of project you are dealing with. Anyway, have you tried using much higher audio buffers, I mean like 1024 or 2048? This will help with all those plugins being loaded and unloaded all the time.
  24. Running 20 or even 30 instances of Native isnt an issue per se, totally true. You will get clipping with CPU load as soon as signals are hitting all blocks involved in each of those istances. I start getting CPU spikes even with just 4 instances...but of course if nothing is being played through those tracks, CPU isnt doing much. And then depends what blocks are being used in each of those instances. With poly pitch for example, things can go bananas pretty quick. Btw this shouldnt be a problem for normal studio work, where CPU spikes arent big deal, and you could always use crazy high buffers. I believe OP isnt actually getting particular issues, just asking Native and his system to do miracles. :)
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