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  1. Helix uses tactile microswitches, so you have to completely disassemble le unit, and spray a bit of deox just above the switch. This could help or not, depends if the problem is oxidation or end of life.
  2. Have you tried doing the EQ/Acoustic before the Pitch Capo?
  3. The entire OS/software/driver/obsolescence is becoming a plague really. I just moved from PC to a Mac for music, and promised myself that as soon as I've a stable platform with all my plugins, drivers and OS working fine together, I will just stop updating, no matter what. That's the only way to keep control of your stuff, without being derailed by the update/upgrade dopamine addiction..
  4. Neither, but I have many hardware controllers and two ipads, all setup to control the HX, and the Tap via MIDI works with all of them, no matter the MIDI app. As soon as you send the correct CCs it should work. Also wouldn't make any sense to drop the TAP function via midi as soon as you assign FS3 to something else than TAP, since the MIDI and the EXP, are there as alternative to the hardware FS3. ;)
  5. It does work fine but it's still an Intel process, so Rosetta will be silently running.
  6. The HX drivers arent yet compliant with Core Isolation, so they are being deprecated by W11. Try turning Memory Integrity Off in Windows Security.
  7. Hi, this is a very annoying problem that happens when something "core" changes in the system. Like for example after a big Windows Update, and yes, also after a Native upgrade (sigh). Have you tried this? (this is coming from official L6 support) 1. Disable WiFi (even with a wired connection present) 2. Launch your DAW (blank session) 3. Insert Helix Native on a track. The login page should pop up (if it doesn't, check in the lower left hand corner of the plugin). 4. Turn on WiFi. 5. When you sign in, Native gets reauthorized.
  8. Filters like wah, as well as dynamic pedals (compressors), pitch shifters, gain pedals/distortion/overdrive, they all work better just in front of Helix. So between your guitar and Helix input. FX Loop for time based effect pedals, like reverbs, echo and delays.. (or even synths like in my case :) )
  9. Im also on Ventura/M1 Pro, no issues with latest version of Native and HX Edit. Still they appears as Intel, but they works.
  10. When weird things happens, it's always a good practice to break down the problem into smaller parts. In your case means unplugging the HX Stomp from everything (so no Mac, no HX Edit, nothing but the HX Stomp alone). Now try doing the same preset directly on the unit, starting from a blank preset. If it works like I think, means something were happening within HX Edit (maybe just user errors). Also, test stock presets. If those are working, then it's something odd you are doing while editing.
  11. Moving to 21569 means redesigning the entire board and a good part of the software framework. Isn't really like swapping the cpu on your PC motherboard. Said that, I believe there would be a solid market for a Helix MKII.
  12. Latest firmware is 3.50 and doesnt create any issue with USB audio.
  13. If it runs on M1 pro (and it does as i have one), it should also run on M2. Be sure you didnt ran out of activations.
  14. Usually when that message appears Mac Os is already installing Rosetta, which happens silently and only one time. I'm saying that because as you, I've been asked to download rosetta at first HX edit launch that I aborted (same with Native), but later when I tried again, that message was gone, and HX Edit has been installed. After that I've seen HX Edit was flagged as "intel" process, so I'm pretty sure Rosetta has been silently installed without any further warning. As for L6, they will never answer that question so, I wouldn't hold my breath.
  15. Be sure you are using 64/127 (not 0/127) as Min and Max values for the CC#64. Over here is working, and my FS3 is used for stomp bypass.
  16. Read the entire thread, not just the title.
  17. Find this after a simple forum search ;) There are many solutions in this thread, just read it entirely.
  18. Man, you need to provide some better description if you want some help. :) If you are using Helix as audio interface, there is nothing different than any other audio interface. Too much latency? Try a smaller buffer size, or an higher sample rate. Clicks and pops? Optimize your sistem for real time audio. Dont use USB hubs.
  19. Yep. I just noticed doesnt work anymore, and Im sure it was as I have a midi mapping on a controller which was working perfectly with those commands, but now it doesnt. Probably something changed (bug?) on latest firmwares.
  20. You won't find this part as official OEM from L6. They only distribute the entire display with the encoders as part of the same PCB. Contact British Audio and ask them if it's possible to order that part. If it's available to the market, they'll take care of it. Probably you'll have to buy more than one. https://britishaudio.com/pages/parts-request Or, just desolder the damaged one and check if it has a code to track it down in the general electronic parts market.
  21. L6 wont reply over here, so the only option you have is to directly contact support via ticket. Said that, I believe this is a legacy product. They barely keep the pace with last gen plugins, I hardly believe they will ever code a 64bit version for M1/M2.
  22. Nope. Preset encoder is just the 24 mechanical impulse encoder that you use to browse presets. The high res parameter encoder which is soldered in the LCD board, is totally different.
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