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  1. If you need just few effects per channel you could try this
  2. With the HX Stomp isnt possible because you can only have a single stereo path, as you only have a single DSP. As Silverhead said, you could with the big brothers, LT and Floor/Rack. (you could split the input and re-merge at the output, but DSP isnt powerful enough, so all you can do is a bunch of FX)
  3. The point here is that a USB audio interface is 99% using the USB 2.0 protocol (even if you'd set these consumer interfaces to their max rates, the final required bandwidth would be a fraction of a fraction of the 2.0 available speed) while USB 3.0 and 3.x are needed for high speed data transfer, like USB disks and anything else does benefit from an high speed bus. That said, a USB device that is only using the 2.0 protocol, should work with any "blue port" connected to a 3.x bus. It will end just using the bandwidth it does need, that's it. Isn't a different technology, just a faster bus. So, while it is true (and obvious, tech wise) that Helix (and any derivate) are USB 2.0, they shouldn't have any issue with a 3.x. As I said, I'm also using only 3.x ports, for both PC and Mac environment, and everything is fine. IME, these problems are random and hard do isolate/debug, and are more caused by what's being shared at USB Root level by the chipset, or cable lenght, or even power management. Could be the updater Im pretty sure that when you get that issue on a blue port, and then it works on a black port, isn't about 3.0 VS 2.0, but about what was being shared by that 3.0 port at Root level (single ports from the Root are pretty rare, especially in laptops, so they are often being shared with other ports, which means multiple calls at the same root level affecting polling, through an hub).
  4. The HD500X is a legacy product since 2021, which means no longer receives updates for modern OS.
  5. uHost is a BLE Midi Host that you can plug to any MIDI device or controller that has has a compliant USB port. This will give the device access to MIDI BLE. So isnt the uHost that has to talk with the Pod (which would be impossible since the Pod doesnt have BLE), but it's the uHost which gives BLE MIDI to it. I use it with my HX Stomp, awesome stuff.
  6. Just to remind you guys we are in 2024. Modern PCs and Macs, doesn't even use a USB 2 hardware root, so this isn't really the point. USB 3 ports they do auto run with 2.0 speeds when required by the device plugged. Point is these updaters are extremely sensible to many things, as basically everything coming from L6. :) Isn't always user error, sometimes it's just bad HAL from the companies.
  7. There is nothing strange when it comes to Native licensing system, which is an utterly garbage by default... it's so unstable and sensible to any minimal system change that sometimes does throw that error from nowhere and you need to start doing random crap to your system until you get it working again. We are trying to find patterns and streamlining solutions over here, but every new version seems introducing more error variables and error randomness.
  8. Those pickups are VERY hot, so they need some good clearance under strings.
  9. Not a Logic Pro user but I have Live and Gig Performer projects on my M1 Macbook Pro, running multiple Native instances, even with some hardcore FXs like poly pitch tracking, reverbs, lines of delays etc... No problems and plenty of CPU juice. I know isnt helping much, but you can stay sure isnt a Native limitation.
  10. It will never happen. :) Ps: the MacOs "lite" running on iPad seems not happening anytime soon, if ever, which means they should write code for iPadOS specifically.
  11. Hi, try uninstalling again, then go into the C:\ProgramData\Line 6 and look if you still have these folders; C:\ProgramData\Line 6\Helix Native and C:\ProgramData\Line 6\HelixCore If they are still there, delete them both with everything inside them. Now reinstall the 3.71 and see if it works... I got this same s**t on Mac, and solved deleting that HelixCore library, which seems a leftover from previous version. Seems they will never learn how to do it right...:/
  12. Because the main UI is mirroring the LCD of the Helix, which doesnt have enough resolution or graphic power to render a patch with skeuomorphism sprites, as you can get with Amplitube or BiasFX and similars, which are meant to be rendered on a computer/tablet screen.
  13. Ah ok, make sense. Tnx for the explanation. Never bought a preset, never will, so didnt know that gold pick of death :)
  14. What is the pick of death? Error code?
  15. Yeah, not saying I see them releasing a flying horse, but something more "multimodal" oriented, behyond the black box with a screen, buttons and a pedal archetype.
  16. As a L6 product user/owner since their "day one", imho next flagship wont be a modeler at all, but something completely different and unexpected. I dont see them anytime soon scratching the barrel of the oversaturated modeling market.
  17. Im also using the Capo and I cant get any of the problems above. Real time responses? Of course they are realtime, and latency is pretty good especially for small intervals. To me sounds like you are placing the pitch block in the wrong spot in the chain.
  18. Man, I have to thank you for this! Lost 3 hours of my day because of that lollipop L6 authorization issue. I didnt do absolutely anything, just started with the DSP error out of the blue after a reboot, and none of the various suggestions around here worked out. Was going to give up 'til I've found this guide which worked perfectly. The core point here, at least for me, was to delete the two Application Support folders and reinstall. Thanks again, and another big BOOOO for L6. Just hire better coders, jesus christ. I have a huge library of plugins from any kind of developer, and Native is the only one giving me these random problems (lost the count of how many DSP erros I've got since I use Native, and every time it's a different voodoo to solve it)
  19. I use it quite a lot, but in a very very subtle way, as it's less boring than a standard delay and if properly setup it can be a lovely sparkly ambient filler. I programmed sort of clone for the Zoia, but still rolled back my HX stomp for now. I did the mistake to jump into this firmware because I was interested in the new clean amp they added...
  20. I confirm Glitch Delay is broken and that's fu**ing annoying. Seems like feedback is either 100% or 0%, so the block is pretty much unusable. When random stuff, unrelated to the firmware, get broken does lollipop me off as you never know if other blocks have been messed up as well, so it makes me nervous with all my own presets stability and consistency. Rolling back (AGAIN).
  21. Im pretty sure he's refereing to the OS tab in the main download section. That list of OS is indeed old as my a**.
  22. I was very tempted to buy two FR12 but the hiss is crazy! Reminds me the same hiss I had/have in the FH1500 coming from the HF driver. Nope for me.
  23. PierM

    New Helix 2

    If people needs their damn pedals to work and look like an iPad, they should probably buy an iPad.
  24. I put a fan in front of my powercabs. Works great.
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