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  1. Agree method #1 KISS right? I haven't really noticed any audio quality difference either between L6 link and analog either. Will just keep doing what I am doing. THanks!
  2. The only way I am guessing it would work to have all connected via L6 link would be to go M20/speakers/helix. Note sure if that would even work to get audio to the mixer vs just going in via line in. Or if there is any added functionality doing it that way. Cant test it cause my mixer and helix are at home, and the speakers at the rehearsal space. I will however test connecting the mixer and helix via link and see what happens.
  3. So you are like me just connecting the Helix to the mixer via line inputs...L6 link from mixer to speakers. That made the most sense to me as well. Thanks sir. On a side note do you have the L3S? I am wondering if it is even required to future proof the system. Having said that we don't need the added firepower for our rehearsal space or most bars we play in...they are just to small. Have you had a chance to use one at all?
  4. I recently acquired a stagescape mixer to use in combination with my L2T speakers and Helix. My question is; is there any point in connecting the helix in the chain via L6 link? I run the chain as follows - M20D to L2T to other L2T. But I connect my helix to the mixer via line input section. Should I be adding in the helix at them via L6 link....will it even serve a purpose? Before I had the mixer the chain was helix to L2T to L2T. Just not sure if there is a benefit to keeping the helix in the L6 chain, or if it would even work that way. Does anyone have any input? Thanks!
  5. Your best option is to run from the XLR mono out to one of the 4 line level inputs, but you will need a XLR to 1/4 TRS adapter. Or a good quality guitar cable from the 1/4 out mono to same line input. Make sure the 1/4 output is set to line level as well. Works great for me.
  6. I have a pair of Senny HD380 that are great...but also love the Beyerdyanmics DT770 (80ohm) cans I have. Either work fine with the Helix and not expensive
  7. I really liked the Randall cab IR as well...thumpy
  8. I am using the Marsh 251 (V30 421 cab) ACE postion A IR as my main response on pretty much all amps. Sounds phenomenal running the Helix into the L2T speakers or through studio monitors.
  9. It really was as easy as that with my Takamine as well....great sounding guitar :)
  10. Gotta admit having the tote with wheels for the L2T speakers makes my life a lot easier :) I have a Gator case for my Helix as well, also on wheels like luggage. So much easier than hauling a 412 cab and tube amp around.
  11. All I do is plug in My Takamine to the Helix, and use a tube pre-amp and some verb and chorus for effects as required. I can adjust main EQ settings and volume on the guitar but also have some control over the gain etc in the preamp. Sounds nice and full both for recording and live. Your mileage may vary based on guitar and pickup or preamp system you may or may not have on board.
  12. I prefer a darker tone as well, which is hard to get on the Helix I find. Most higher gain amps are grainy and fizzy....I almost gave up on the Helix until I found the 3Sigma IRs, and even then I went through a crap load until I found the tone I wanted. Now I use that one IR with 5 or 6 different amps and very pleased with the result. Tweaking the IR high and low cuts make all the difference.
  13. I find just the opposite....pretty transparent. In the past i have issues with various gates in the loop of my EVH or Randall amps and they definitely affected tone. I am using the one built into the chain (input block) and not adding an separate effect block maybe that is part of the problem you are experiencing?
  14. I use the 3Sigma IRs all the time as well....but I find I am cutting the high end back to as much as 3kHz, and low around 120Hz. That is using the modded 2204 amp model and the Marshall V30 IR. It sounds killer for me both recording. But tone is subjective so.......people are forever complimenting my tone and how huge my guitar sounds live which is nice :) I would consider myself a moderate gain kinda guy, and for me the 3Sigma instantly sounded good so I have just stuck with them. I mainly just tweak as noted above for my studio monitors or to sue with my L2T speakers or direct to PA/FOH. Works across all outputs and platforms.
  15. I think it works in any combination. But as noted previous, you need to tweak according to your setup. I don't think there is any right or wrong way to do it. I personally use the L2T speakers for live and rehearsal, but at home I am plugged into my PC and studio monitors....and sometimes one of the L2T as well :) For my application I can pretty much go between monitors and the L2T speakers as they are both flat reference, you most definitely would have to tweak separate patches for monitors and then another for integration with your amp set up. But isn't that half the fun?
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