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  1. SteinweinerMkIV

    What happened to my tone?!?!?!

    ...uh... those are meters buddy : ) I seemed to have fixed the issue, which I'm not totally sure what happened.... Found a few of my presets that had double EQ blocks (of the same type of EQ) so, I found multipkle placses in some presets where Treble was being boosted in 3 places..definitely causes bad fuzz..till having issues with Placater for some reason, but i'm getting other amps to sound great at the moment, so not a crisis.. I'm still going to get 8 INCH monitors though.
  2. SteinweinerMkIV

    What happened to my tone?!?!?!

    Thanks,I think my levels are right. I'll check thr global eq
  3. SteinweinerMkIV

    What happened to my tone?!?!?!

    Thanks guys...All the IRS are in the correct slots..It's primarilly the high gain stuff (tuned down to drop B)..It's that delicate balance of aggressive high gain, yet not all ice -picky... still "pleasing to the are" so to speak. I have other guitars that are tuned to pitch that I have no problem arriving at some great sounds (Fender Clean to High-gain Marshall.), but again, fo rthat heavier stuff, I've lost my way all of a sudden. I have been laboriing over some of these "how to" videos as therre are a lot of great ones out there..SonicDrive Studios is probably the best..Having trouble dialing in the Placater and MKIV tones..Bought Ownhammer IRS..200 + variations of EQ change and mic placement...I feel a bit overwhelmed..like my brain and ears are being compressed and expanded...
  4. SteinweinerMkIV

    What happened to my tone?!?!?!

    So I bought the Freman Big Pack, also the latest Upgrade (includes FriedmanBE, LOne Strar, etc..), Choptones presets, Ownhammer IRS.. I've done all the updates..Had it sounding killer.. But now, I swear, it's sounding fizzy, not as 3d...so weird.. I tried taking a break for a few days, same thing.. even reloaded all of my presets, factory reset, ...still the same...just not quite as sweet as it was.. I typically run right into my M Audio studio monitors (4 or 5')...Maybe my ear is wanting to graduate to 8' monitors? Just not gettting that super tight , articulate without being harsh tone..I think I'm going crazy.
  5. SteinweinerMkIV

    How to use snapshots.

    Glideman! ...I know this is an older post, but it relates...so I ended up buying another AX8 thinking I was missing some magical tone out of the Helix...wanted to keep both to be honest, but with some cool IR's and 2,5whatever update, Helix just sounds so good on it's own, and soooooooooooooo friggin easy to operate. ..Sold the AX8 4 days ago....The capabilities of Helix pushed me over the top.. I think I'm going to upgrade my MAudio Studio 4' to 8'...Sound a bit boxy at louder than nearfield vol. What do you use for studio monitors? I gave up on the FRFR thing as I just couldn't vibe with it...For recording direct and low-ish volume playing through monitors-Helix is A++++++++++++++ For live, I still have my Mesa Mk IV thru a recto cab.. it's just killer. ..For the most part, I use a few presets I purchased from Freman (Big pack)..tweek them a bit to my liking...pretty sweet.. The MKiV tone you use..Wanna share that preset?? : ) Do you use stock or custom IR's? (Trying some Ownhammer now.. like them so far..) Sorry for the long message lol..
  6. I don't own the asm-12, I just played through it...felt that it had the closest to feeling like and responding like a guitar cab (although FRFR)..Heavy!! and it was almost $1K..(I bought the Mission 1 @ GC for $600....returned it) Now I just go through my studio monitors @ home for recording and playing at lower volumes..(use a Boogie MKIV $ recto 4x12 for live) Not sure about the new Line 6 Power cab or whatever, but they're pricey!! Alto TS210 are surprisngly pretty good and realtively inspiring to play through.. the 212 gets a little boomy for my tastes, but still really good.., and I haven't tried the Headrush, but man, thats' a lot of bang for the buck..
  7. Had a Mission1 cab...Midrangey, no bottom...lasted 2 minutes ..the tone was so bad..Not nearly as rich and full as it sounded through my studio monitors.. I 'd hate to say it, but the Alto ts210 and 212 SMOKED the mission 1..I hear the Mission 2 cab (2x12) is awesome, but to be honest, the Gemini1 sounded so uninspiring..I thought it was broken, took it to a tech, nope, working fine. I played through a Freidman ASM 12.. Now you're talking... $900 to start and VERY heavy.
  8. Just bought Ownhammer Recto 4x12 to try out.. HOLY...FRIGGIN>>>CRAP!!!! No comparison to stock cabs... Takes Helix LT all the way there... I think Im going to buy a 2x12 and a marshall pack next.. Crazy how much difference a decent IR vs a GREAT IR affects your tone... I literally just boxed up my AX8 for sale, Helix is just too fun and the Ownhammer IR's take it to a whole new level. Killer tone as usual!
  9. SteinweinerMkIV

    Line 6 Helix Tone Pantera “Dimebag” using Ownhammer Impulses

    Man..killer! Those Ownhammer IR's must be the ticket..I have some of the Choptone and Freman presets (Come with some cool IR's), but I think I need to add the Ownhammer to my arsenal
  10. SteinweinerMkIV

    Line 6 Helix Tone PV Panama (Peavey 5150) 4 x 12 Uber T75

  11. SteinweinerMkIV

    Helix Vs. AX8

    I own both, really hard to decide on which one to keep. Once you load up a few custom IR's, the tonal difference between these 2 gets very narrow. The Helix tends to have a slightly more scooped tone along with a little bit brightness (Easily rectified with some minimal eq-ing)..AX8 sounds a bit more compressed and darker (I end up brightening up a smidge). UI on the Helix as we all know is so good that it is a blast just to get in there and tweek, where as the AX8 (without AxeEdit) is a little bit more challenging (Just different). I feel the AX8 has a slightly more 3D feel to it, but this is ONLY noticeable when A-Bing side by side..Inside of 1-2 minutes of playing, both are SUPER inspiring and sound really really good.. Had a few friends (Guitar player tone snobs LOL) come over and play thru and listen... ALL of us came away with the same conclusion...bot are awesome and would be beyond stoked inspired, etc to have either...Helix 2.53 awesomesauce!!
  12. SteinweinerMkIV

    How I switched frome AXE FX II to Helix

  13. SteinweinerMkIV

    How I switched frome AXE FX II to Helix

  14. SteinweinerMkIV

    Helix LT vs AX8

    Agreed, thanks..both units are great .. Love the helix.. Siuch fun, so inspiring.. Going to get back to playing. :)
  15. SteinweinerMkIV

    Helix LT vs AX8

    Bought an AX8, liked it , sounded pretty good, ended up down the rabbit hole trying to dial it in..Sold it, bought a Helix LT...fell in love with the U.I. and thought the tones were 90% of the way there... Thinking I was missing some of the (potential) tone of the Fractal, I bought another AX8... , learned how to edit and tweek on it, but cannot for the life of me find a tone that (i get kinda close) but can't seem to dial in that super tight high-gain yet organic and chewey tone... I get on the Helix and I have it in 5 minutes...and then 2.50 comes out and now we have Friedman!!! So, I'm thinking of dumping the AX8 (again)..am I missing something on the AX8 or is the Helix just sound almost or as good as the Fractal? I was looking for some help on the Fractal forum, a lot of people very nice, but everyone says I must be crazy...