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  1. RandallSG

    Mike City

    I don't know when they will lunch it but they may dinner it soon.
  2. RandallSG

    Helix LT bank footswitches

    After messing around with the pedal edit mode the FS1 and FS7 up and down foot switches do have LED's. They light up to highlight a parameter to edit when editing using the expression pedal to change parameters in the pedal edit mode. Unfortunately there is no option in the Helix LT of turning the LED's on to make the up and down switches more visible in dark settings.
  3. RandallSG

    Helix LT bank footswitches

    As far as I can tell I see no option or way to light the FS1 up and FS7 down footswitch rings
  4. RandallSG

    Helix LT bank footswitches

    Does anyone know if there is an option to light the color rings around the up and down bank switches of the Helix LT? Either I am blind no pun intended to find the option to highlight the color rings in the menu or the option does not exist which seems like a major fail as the bank switches are hard to see when playing in dark rooms and stages.