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  1. The things I don't know! Thanks! :D
  2. That's very encouraging to hear as well. I'm not really in a financial position to "mess up" my choice and I have wanted to get the LT since it's more affordable and has the expression pedal, but just had concerns from the sound clips I've heard. Glad to hear everyone's experiences and the fact that people have switched from the AX8 to the Helix is not a small thing to me. Maybe I've been hearing too much youtube koolaid surrounding the alternatives to the Helix and have been believing it...
  3. Following. I'm curious about this too. Though I think a better comparison might be the Tumnus vs the Minotaur since they have same number of knobs. Just saying is all. :)
  4. Nice. I didn't think to check that out. Thanks!
  5. Any hope of convincing the developers to add a Fryette Deliverance 60/120 amp sim with the more and less gain channels, Deliverance 2/4x12 with Fane speakers? Seems to me like it could be a good addition without doubling up what's already there. I'd be in favor of the Sig:X too! Also, seems like an HM-2 Boss Heavy Metal pedal sim would be fun too! Thoughts? Or bubble bursts?
  6. Some great responses! I really appreciated the personal perspectives shared and the links and references to things to check out! I've thought about the Fractal being a "death" by too much to adjust/play with and that has been confirmed here as a real thing. Thanks again for all the helpful feedback!
  7. Greetings! Life at it's current junction seems to be pointing towards going to a digital all-in-one box. The Helix LT and Ax8 are in my price range (the full helix is out, sadly) and the two contenders for purchase. I'm not in a position to buy both and keep the one I like. I've tried an LT and it was quite fun for the 20 minutes I had with it, though I didn't get too much into exploring the options and tweaking and what not. I've never tried and Ax8 or any fractal gear. So why am I bringing this up? While it's subjective, in most of the comparisons I've listened to the Ax8 sounds better to me and I feel somewhat concerned in my mind that if I go with the less expensive LT, I'll end up being disappointed. Part of me wants to get the LT because of simplicity of use and having a expression pedal already there and because I can get it for less than the Ax8 (especially since I may even be able to haggle a retailer down more than $999). Cost is a factor since I have a young family and not a lot of income for now. But again I have concerns of being disappointed. So now's your chance! Reassure me that I'd be just as happy with the LT as the Ax8. If it helps, I like clean/ambient-ish stuff, rock, and metal (but not so much djent). Thank you kindly for your responses!
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