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  1. Hi @HonestOpinion, @datacommando, I've attached a freshly made preset from a blank template. Just amp, cab, reverb and looper using Helix Native 3.11 in Helix Floor Compatibility Mode. It has the issue I described. To test just strum a chord, and then delete the looper while it's ringing out. You'll hear the difference. EDIT: I mentioned this to Digital Igloo on TheGearPage and I believe he logged a ticket. Link Looper Test.hlx
  2. Hi @HonestOpinion, There seems to be a bug with the Looper placeholder block in Helix Native. I understand that the Looper isn't functional in Native, but when I have a patch where the Looper block is in the signal path, the block seems to duplicate the audio output. Removing the Looper results in a quieter, clearer sound. Presumably the Looper block should have no effect whatsoever in Native. For reproducibility, I have the Looper block as the 2nd last block on path B, followed by a stereo-return bock (used as an aux in on the Helix), but I'm not sure if the placement is a factor. It's a minor issue, but it means I have to remove and re-add the Looper when going between the Helix and Native. Thanks.
  3. Hi, So I like running in stereo and I also prefer to run my IRs at the end of the signal chain. Right now I have to split the stereo path, add two IRs after the split, and hard pan both the split and 2a/2b outputs to do this. The downside to me is that I'd like a stereo IR signal to go to my XLRs on 2a, and a stereo signal without the IRs to go to my 1/4" outs on 2b for potentially sending to powered guitar cabs / effects returns. The current limitation prevents me from doing this. Is there any scope for a stereo option to be added to the IR block in the future? Thanks.
  4. I have the Line 6 Helix Backpack. It's perfect, very well padded, well made and well designed. At its price point I couldn't fault it. I have a Mono Vertigo guitar case too. It's spectacular quality and so I'm sure the M80 would be too, but it's much softer on the inside and while that works well for an instrument, I'd wonder if the weight/corners/feet of the Helix would tear it up.
  5. I use the strat IR with my PRS Custom 24. It's the first block in the signal chain and it's assigned to footswitch 1 to switch on and off as I want it. It really is great, very convincing and lightens up the CU24 tone for RHCP etc. I can tell the difference between it and my actual strat of course, but it adds the qualities I want. They're definitely worth the money.
  6. I had the L3M and L3T on my Thomann wishlist for a while. Now they're no longer available and the same goes for the L2M and L2T models. They're a few years old now, and with NAMM 2018 coming up is there any sign of a new series being released?
  7. Thanks everyone! I've since gotten my Sennheiser HD650s, and I've got to say they and the Helix work great together. The higher impedance and over-ear wearing-style makes a huge improvement on how the Helix headphone output sounds compared to my Sennheiser in-ear SE215s. It's still noticeably different to my usual set-up of going from S/PDIF to my reference speakers. There's a little more gain and compression, but I'm still more than happy with the results.
  8. Thanks, I'm quite happy to hear this. While getting a headphone amp for other purposes might happen anyway, it's nice to see the Helix this kind of portability. I play backing tracks via PC/USB or with my phone using a dedicated auxiliary line in my patches, so this really helps with the grab-and-go advantages of the helix.
  9. Hi everyone, I bought a Helix a few weeks ago and I've got to say I'm absolutely blown away with it! So far I've mostly been using it with my reference monitors and sometimes into an amp until I get sorted with a portable FRFR system. I'd like to start using headphones for late night practice, and so I'm looking at some nice over-ear headphones like the Sennheiser HD650. It seems most headphones in this category need a headphone amplifier depending on the source. So I'm wondering, can the Helix drive high-impedance headphones? Are other helix users using one? Please, let me know what you do headphone users!
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