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  1. I use my floor helix for my guitar, for second guitar in band and for vocal So, in my presets I have 3 paths, my go to main 1/4 outs, second guitar to send 1+2 and vocal to main xlr outs This allows to controll all volume from mixing desk Also I use headphones Yesterday I tried powercab in music shop via l6 linl And I discovered, that I need to change this destination of paths from XLR to All outputs or digital to hear any sound So, can I just get all paths sound, keeping it separated outputs, via l6 link?
  2. So, before yesterday, everything was working fine- and connecting to a computer including. And then, after the performance, this happens.
  3. I don't think it's a driver issue. I did update to version 2.30 for a month and this error appear only now. I don't connect it to Mac, only to windows 10 computer. So, before this, I have the performance and Helix was turn on for about 6 hours. There were no problems. But then I go home, and after about 10 hours after performance I turn on Helix and see this message. Firstly I wait for a long time, but then I turn it off.
  4. Hi! Have the same issue with Helix floor. What was the ticket answer?
  5. Can't launch my Helix- Update MCU IU, error -7

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