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  1. Thank you. Unfortunately that did not change anything either, so I opened a support ticket.
  2. Thank your for the reply. In the following guide I get stuck again: http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/effects-controllers/helix/how-to-update-the-helixs-firmware-r776 I installed the updater and driver, but when I connect the Helix LT via USB to my laptop, it does not get recognized and the old screen shows up:
  3. I'm quite new to the Helix LT, but I used it a couple of times for band rehearsals. Since today, when I plug it in (no cables attached other than the power supply), I only see the starting screen, in the top line a strange string of ":-7:-7:-7:-7:-7:-7" (which goes on and on, in red color), and the bottom two lines say: "Firmware Version 2.12.2 Updating UI MCU Firmware, please wait. Do not power off the unit!" What can I do about this?
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