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  1. These are Fantastic. Better then theIR's I have bought before. Thank you so much!
  2. I just purchased a third Stagesource Speaker. I already had 2 L2t's and I added a L3t. I wanted to use the L3t as a floor monitor. So I hooked them up as follows: Helix ------ L6 link out----- L2t - L6 link out ------- L3t ------ L6 link out-----L2t No matter what I do whatever speaker is last in the chain (that makes it speaker 3) there is no output to that speaker. I do have all 110 ohm AES/EBU cables per the manual. All cables have been tested in all configurations and they work. In theory per the manual my configuration should have the L2t's in stereo and the L3t as a Left + Right sum. Anyone else use the Stagesource speakers this way? What the heck am I doing wrong? I have plugged the Helix into each speaker via L6 link and they work fine. Tried tall three cables and they all work. The speakers also work fine as a array if the Helix is not in the chain? When the helix is in the chain the speakers set themselves as 1, 2, and 3 on back. The #3 speaker gets no output. When The Helix is not in the chain the speakers configure as L, b(both) and R just as they should. What is going on.
  3. Same here. Worked flawlessly. And I have tree full banks of user presets.
  4. This patch is the one I use for my Variax in acoustic mode: http://line6.com/customtone/tone/1304425/
  5. I use my JVT89f via VDI to the Helix. Then the Helix to 2 L2ts via Hosa AES/EBU Cables.
  6. Maybe not a schedule so much as a pinned post of what has already been updated would work for me. I can find the Helix firmware update notes anywhere when I am away from my Helix.
  7. My Helix just had the "black screen of death". All the screens except bank up were black. Couldn't recover. Had to do a factory reset. Thank god I had backed up everything since I am a pessimistic computer tech and I didn't loose anything. I have the newest firmware. My Variax was plugged into the VDI port at first. I unplugged it and still no dice. The Helix was hooked to my computer via USB with the Helix software open. Hope they get this fixed. It really could have been painful.
  8. I'll put it up on ebay after I am sure about the Helix.
  9. I'll be selling my almost new HD500x for sure!
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